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Telemarketing campaign for training company improved by quality data

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Established in 1998, In Equilibrium provides in-house training courses and consultancy for private and public sector organisations throughout the UK and Europe. They have the flexibility to deliver those services to any organisation, irrespective of its size or location.

Their target audiences are B2B organisations of all sizes, within which - due to the nature of their offering - they generally target HR contacts . Based on that information, we identified the most appropriate lists for them to use in their campaigns.


In Equilibrium were looking to identify and source the contacts and details for organisations that would be most likely to be interested in their offered training services.

Within those organizations, they wanted to identify the appropriate individuals for their telemarketer to then call, with the goal of signing up people for newsletters and weekly emails about their training courses.

Ultimately they needed to build a prospect list for regular communication to enhance their brand awareness - so that when the contacted companies had training needs they would be more likely to approach 'In Equilibrium'.


With the benefit of the extensive B2B data at our disposal we were able to easily and regularly supply targeted lists for In Equilibrium to use for their telemarketing campaigns.

Arising from the regular requirement for data and the duration of our relationship, we have now been through our B2B database more than once. However, as a consequence of our strict updating and cleansing processes, the data we supply is always fresh, with updates and new contacts.


In Equilibrium first came to us in July 2010 and - due to the quality of data and service we provide - they have been purchasing data lists from us every month or so since then.

The quality of data we supply means that the telemarketer at In Equilibrium is able not only to make good levels of contact, but approximately 60% of those called so far have converted to become subscribers to their newsletters.