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This 'Always-On' prospecting tool delivered the buyer-ready enquiries Storetec needed.


By David Battson 1 min read

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Storetec are the market leaders in the document management industry.

They provide outsourced document scanning, archive storage and cloud-based document management solutions to business.

They were already using email marketing but leads tended to spike around single sends.

What they really wanted was to grow the business and secure a constant and steady stream of new clients, enquiries and qualified prospects.

We showed them a new way to nurture prospects and deliver the results they needed

Step one was to give them access to more data.

By moving them onto our Dynamo platform we were able to change the traditional way they had been buying data.

This allowed them to reach bigger and deeper audiences without blowing their budgets.

As Dynamo learned more about what a good prospect looked like, it automatically topped the campaign up with fresh data to match. We call this "Always-On, Always Perfecting" and all the additional data is included in the original cost.

Step two was to create a nurture strategy.

We worked with their inhouse marketers to create journeys that started with awareness rather than direct sales messages.

Allowing a few gentler emails to travel through our Dynamo lead nurturing platform first gives the technology the opportunity to learn how people engage and react to this.

The Sales Director originally said he'd need some convincing that this would work but now describes himself as a convert.

Enquiries immediately followed and continued at a steady and growing pace.

They began converting these enquiries to customers at a rate of 13% within the first few weeks.

Lead flow transformed from spiky, to steady and consistent.

  • Within the first month they’d secured over 200 hot leads.
  • Within 13 months this new nurturing approach had delivered over 250+ buyer-ready enquiries from cold prospects.

About Dynamo

Dynamo is a lead acceleration platform like no other.

At last there is a way to turn cold prospects into real and actionable leads modelled on what your best customers look like.

And a clever way to keep the flow of those leads constant.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

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