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A new way to accelerate leads and give your sales & marketing more commercial oomph.

Get great results from cold prospecting.

Latisha Holt at Data HQ

"At sign-up, the MD said he needed convincing this would work, but after 8 weeks he described himself as a convert."

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Dynamo. Real and actionable leads fast.

Dynamo is a sales & marketing platform like no other.

At last, there’s a way to turn cold prospects into real and actionable leads modelled on what your best customers look like.

And a clever way to keep the flow of those leads constant.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

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"Within 10 weeks of launching, 13% of the new pipeline generated had closed. And this was just the pilot test."

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“Always-On, Always-Perfecting

Dynamo learns your audience’s engagement preferences and constantly introduces fresh matching prospects.

  • constant stream of new leads at no extra cost
  • modelled on the behaviour of your best performing prospects
  • smashing old inefficient lead generation models
  • driving up conversion to sale rates
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Outstep the competition

A constant* stream of prospects modelled on the attributes of your best clients.

*Yes, we're serious. The prospect flow is constant.

Know exactly who to contact, when and why

Dynamo displays a full list of hot leads along with every engagement and interaction they’ve had with your campaign and website.

  • focus your sales team on the hottest leads
  • one place to see everything your prospect has engaged with across email, social media and your website
  • contact via telephone, email or LinkedIn
  • informed lead follow-up drives up results
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What does a Dynamo subscription cost?

Initial Audience Size*

* Slide the bar to your desired initial audience size to see your monthly fee change

Super Oomph
Mega Oomph
Monthly Fee

plus one-off campaign set up costs

plus one-off campaign set up costs

plus one-off campaign set up costs

Campaign Set-up £750 £1,950 £3,750
Number of Journeys 1 3 7
Email Creatives Allowed 3 18 30
Email Creation & Design No No Yes
Managed Service Yes Yes Yes
Number of User Accounts 1 5 Unlimited
Minimum Commitment 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Prospect Selection Rule Based Rule Based or Propensity Model Rule Based or Propensity Model
Website Tracking No Yes Yes
Integration to CRM No Yes Yes
Email Campaigning Yes Yes Yes
Social Campaigning No Yes Yes
Direct Mail Campaigning No Yes Yes
Subject Line & Creative Testing No Yes Yes

Dynamo features you’ll like

Curate your prospect pool the savvy way

Model the behaviour of your best clients to get more sales

Turn cold prospects into real leads

Arguably the hardest part. We’ve got this nailed.

At last, multi-channel marketing in one place

Email, social, direct mail and CRM integration.

Focus the sales team on the hottest leads

The best prospects rise to the top of the dashboard.

“Always-On, Always-Perfecting”

A continual supply of fresh data and leads

Informed lead follow-up

Sight of the full prospect journey including pages visited on your website.

Rocket fuel for sales & Marketing

Criteria & volumes previously unreachable.

Market to audiences as individuals

Personalised & reactive engagement.

Campaign optimisation

Fresh ideas from real humans included with your Dynamo subscription.

Markets are dynamic, so you need new ideas.

Data HQ has 20 years in the sales & marketing intelligence business.

We’ve created our own technology, data and ideas to solve the problems of our industry: poor data; low conversion rates, channels that aren’t integrated; crowded noisy markets; and all those providers who give you the same old, same old results.

Scrabble Rethink

Dynamo cleverly grew our target audience without eating into our budget. The way it learns what a good prospect looks like and automatically adds them into our campaign was just brilliant.

Arad Parsi SLT

Arad Parsi

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Working with Rebecca is an absolute delight. I've been one of Rebecca's clients for more than 8 years now, across multiple roles, taking my relationship with me from business to business. This has been down to the wonderful service I've received, the expertise that Rebecca demonstrates and the wonderful collaboration we've developed across the course of the last few years.

David Jones Videmus

David Jones

Marketing Manager

Videmus, part of Audience Collective.

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