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We’ve found new ways of doing things

Data HQ exists to solve problems and find new ways of making sales and marketing easier and better.

We’ve created our own technology, data and ideas to solve the problems of our industry:

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Poor quality data

Purpose built for B2B marketers

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Channels that aren’t integrated

All your marketing tools in one place

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Crowded, noisy markets

Focused and targeted

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Clicks masquerading as leads

Genuine and valuable leads

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Same old low response rates

Our models get 2-3 times uplift

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We’re like rocket fuel for your campaigns

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How we... Think

We exist to solve problems and find new ways of doing things. We wrap our data and technology in ideas

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How we... Feel

We focus on people, not job titles. We are driven by a passion for opening our clients’ minds to the possible

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How we... Act

We explore and learn together. What we do is hard, but the results we get uncover hidden value

Our story


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Tim at Data HQ

When Data HQ was born, marketing data was sent to users on things called floppy disks, through the post!


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Email Marketing

Technology raced ahead and email marketing became the first choice to get your message out. Quick, low cost, trackable, responsive… a marketer’s dream.


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Adam at Data HQ

Data HQ was the leading supplier of B2B email marketing, broadcasting and campaign planning - running thousands of campaigns for clients every year.


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Dave Bec and Adam at Data HQ

We launched our Strategic Marketing Solutions division, a tech savvy team focused on integrations, marketing automation, data analysis and campaign management. Today, this consultancy is delivered through our IDEAS Framework


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Help sign

We decide to do something about the problems that plague our industry… poor data, too many channels, complex tech. Clients need an easier way to get value from their campaigns. We start developing Dynamo - an affordable SAAS based lead acceleration platform.


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Data HQ dog

Lockdown strikes. We quickly adapt to working from home which later becomes our hybrid working model – an instant hit with the parents, sport enthusiasts and dog lovers on our team.


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Vista at Data HQ

Vista launches – the first UK database built specifically for B2B marketers by B2B marketers. it becomes the rocket fuel for our client campaigns - something we’re incredibly proud of.


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Dynamo at Data HQ

We launch Dynamo, our affordable, SAAS based, machine learning, lead acceleration platform (can you tell we’re excited). Designed to deliver the best possible ROI for B2B email and cross-channel lead nurturing (we’d love to show it to you). 


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Data HQ staff

More and more clients switch to Dynamo. The rate of innovation increases as our expertise combines with the customers’ experience.  There is a real sense of satisfaction for the in-house team.

There’s a balance, right? 
Between technology 
innovation and
human experience.

We’re not just another faceless tech business with a platform subscription to sell. We like talking with our customers to enrich what the data tells us with wisdom.

Data HQ Scrabble Ideas Brilliant

Dynamo cleverly grew our target audience without eating into our budget. The way it learns what a good prospect looks like and automatically adds them into our campaign was just brilliant.

Arad Parsi SLT

Arad Parsi

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

When it comes to email campaigns, our clients have seen great success using B2B data from DataHQ. The data has allowed us to effectively target key prospects and create highly targeted campaigns.

We’re always impressed by the level of accuracy of their data, and their exceptional customer service makes it easy to find the data we need. DataHQ is an invaluable tool in our B2B marketing efforts and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Stuart Carver

Stuart Carver

Managing Director


We love working with Tim and his team, there’s an authenticity about Data HQ that’s refreshing, they're probably one of the best kept secrets in B2B. Vista (their B2B database) has great depth and enormous reach. Having access to such a deep and rich source of data is invaluable to any company looking to understand their business customers as well as generate new leads. Whether you're an experienced marketeer or new to marketing, the team at Data HQ are super helpful, but also have the B2B marketing expertise that can help you achieve real business results.

Bernice Bunting




Working with Rebecca is an absolute delight. I've been one of Rebecca's clients for more than 8 years now, across multiple roles, taking my relationship with me from business to business. This has been down to the wonderful service I've received, the expertise that Rebecca demonstrates and the wonderful collaboration we've developed across the course of the last few years.

David Jones Videmus

David Jones

Marketing Manager

Videmus, part of Audience Collective.

Our data was appended with our company specific variables allowing us to produce quick and easy market potential reporting and analytics against the UK business universe. This year we are working on a micro analysis project, looking at market penetration within variable sales territories, allowing us to see at a glance how well are performing.


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