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Vista Open Access.
For the boldest thinkers in B2B.

The richest, deepest, and most effective prospecting database for the UK market.

Mark Robinson

"Built specifically to give B2B marketers competitive advantage."

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Trusted by

Capify Cranfield University Benenden Health Paragon Omnicell Tetrosyl Suzy lamplugh trust

VistaTM Open Access gave Capify a more comprehensive prospecting universe of 6m records.

Targeting segments of the data exactly when and how they needed it gave the ultimate in scale, quality and timeliness and helped them achieve some of their best marketing ROI.

Our Ideas Team worked their magic on data modelling to reveal a further goldmine of hidden prospects within the data they already owned.

Data, Technology, and Ideas – the perfect trio in our book.

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VistaTM is the most complete and comprehensive view of the UK business landscape

Outstep the competition

Markets are dynamic, so you need new ideas

VistaTM was created to give the freshest perspectives on market insight, sizing, prospecting and database enhancement.

  • What is your audience worth?
  • What is your share of audience?
  • Find profitable niches and new markets
  • Learn from how your best customers behave?
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Let us open your mind to the possible

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"The results we get can surprise you and are always valuable. That’s why we are trusted by the boldest thinkers in B2B."

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Inaccurate data, low volumes, poor conversion holding back your campaigns?

That’s what a lot of people tell us.

We solve these problems. 
And we make it feel easy.

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Vista Open Access

Let us wow you

“Data HQ’s Digital TAM helped us confidently predict the telecoms spend of 3 in 4 businesses in our target market.”

Head of Data, Europe’s Leading Media & Entertainment Company

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Rocket fuel for campaigns

Subscribe to Vista Open Access. Enrich your inhouse database and drive a constant flow of fresh prospects profiled on the attributes of your best customers.

  • Reach more people
  • Enter new markets
  • Uncover hidden customers
  • Uninterrupted prospect flow
  • The ultimate in data quality & timeliness
  • Better conversion

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Flat selection criteria like industry and turnover, tells only half your story

We smash old flat data buying models that focus solely on criteria like geography, size, turnover etc

Instead, we start with what your best customers looks like.

How it works:

We examine every attribute we can find out about them; installed technologies, car park size, floor area, their energy rating – forensic level detail to discover potential matching prospects that are likely to behave just like your best existing customers.

You get:

  • More volume
  • Faster conversion
  • More sales
Data HQ staff

Vista Open Access

Open access to our Vista B2B database. For the boldest thinkers in B2B.


Typical Minimum Investment

  • Open access to the most comprehensive prospecting universe.
  • The ultimate in scale, quality & timeliness.
  • Access via API or SFTP download
  • Campaign-by-campaign via your Account Manager
  • CRM Integrations
  • Advanced data modelling
  • Campaign planning
  • Access to our data selection, management & analysis tool

We wrap the very best data and technology in brilliant ideas

The Data HQ Digital TAM

Reveal your Total Addressable Market (TAM) through appealing visuals, delivered in a dashboard you can share easily across teams.

  • See how your own sales performance compares against the total market demand
  • Learn which sectors, geographies (and more) offer the best growth potential
  • Plan sales territories the data-driven way
  • Determine the right level of marketing effort
  • Digital TAM's constantly update allowing you to react to market changes
  • Typically £2,995
Laptop Digital TAM

Data & technology, wrapped in brilliant ideas.

Data HQ has 20 years of pure genius in identifying great prospects and profitable markets.

We bring super-smart perspectives, helping you to rethink your audiences and outstep the competition.

We may ask you difficult questions, but we always challenge with your success in mind.

Dave Bec and Adam at Data HQ

We'd like to open your mind to the possible

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Our credentials: you’re in safe hands

We have the most rigorous data protection checks in our industry so you can rest easy.

1.5m+ personal business email addresses are added to VistaTM each month, all verified for accuracy and fully compliant under PECR and GDPR.

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We've enjoyed a fruitful 10-year partnership with Data HQ. They're not only a pleasure to work with but also a vital strategic partner for us. In recent years, their services have truly exceeded expectations. Across various account managers and team members we've interacted with, their expertise shines through, consistently delivering top-notch data services and valuable strategic insights. A highly recommended choice.

Emily Crisp

Emily Crisp

Data Planning Director

Really B2B

We love working with Tim and his team, there’s an authenticity about Data HQ that’s refreshing, they're probably one of the best kept secrets in B2B. Vista (their B2B database) has great depth and enormous reach. Having access to such a deep and rich source of data is invaluable to any company looking to understand their business customers as well as generate new leads. Whether you're an experienced marketeer or new to marketing, the team at Data HQ are super helpful, but also have the B2B marketing expertise that can help you achieve real business results.

Bernice Bunting




Partnering with DataHQ has significantly improved our data acquisition and quality, providing us with a clear strategy to drive our business outcomes.

Their team stands out for their personalised service and expertise, always ready to assist with any questions we have.

This collaboration has been both productive and straightforward, making DataHQ a valuable asset to our operations.

Raj Bhurji

Deputy Head of Performance Marketing & Web

Micheldever Group

It is crucial that our database contains accurate information and we were pleased to use Data HQ to help us with our data cleansing process. As a result of the work undertaken by Data HQ, we look forward to improved communication with our supporters and the benefits that accrue from that.

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust

Overall Data HQ has been a success story for us. We are delighted with the quality of service and results. Data HQ has delivered for our direct marketing activity. We’re looking forward to continued success.

Paragon Customer Communications

This year we are working on a micro analysis project, looking at market penetration within variable sales territories, allowing us to see at a glance how well we are performing within specific postcode regions and target markets. We are also able to identify potential companies we would like to work with.


Let our experts help you rethink your audiences and outstep the competition

Chat with a real person on 01245 807 470. 

Latisha Holt at Data HQ

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