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Digital TAM offers new data-driven way to plan sales territory and teams

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By David Battson 2 min read

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Our client was looking to promote an area of their business into the UK SME market. As a first step they wanted to understand the size of the market by number of companies but also potential revenue for fixed line telecoms spend.

Clever data modelling created spend predictions for their target market

We used data on actual fixed line spend within the target audience and built out a series of models to allocate the most likely spend band for every prospect in the Vista database. This was checked and modified with the actual data until we had achieved an accuracy rate of over 75% - meaning we could confidently predict the telecoms spend of 3 in 4 businesses in their target market.

Interactive dashboards bring market opportunities to life visually and can be shared more easily amongst teams

We could have produced a series of static reports that would have fit the brief. However, we knew that ultimately this data would be used to allow them to territory map sales teams and determine the resource needed in each territory.

So, we took it a step further. We made the models dynamic so that as the data changed, so did the profiles - giving an always accurate view of their landscape. We then presented these reports as an interactive dashboard viewable across their organisation via the web.

This means that the various departments can access regularly updating reports, filtering them to their needs and drilling down into various regions and segments all in an intuitive and accurate way.

Decision making data at their finger tips

This leading media & entertainment company could use the dashboards to see their current sales performance against the total addressable market, identifying clear opportunity and performance gaps. Drilling down further still, these gaps can be analysed by factors such as sector and region to see where the most potential lies.

A relatively small investment considering the commitment of resources that often follow

Often businesses skip this step and plan their sales and marketing strategy based on the experiences of the teams on the ground thinking that reports like these are expensive and out of their reach.

Advancements in technology, combined with the investment in our own bespoke database has brought the Digital TAM within the reach of businesses of all sizes. For just a few thousand pounds, a business can learn which sectors, geographies and personas offer the biggest opportunity to their sales teams before they throw valuable time and marketing resources into the ring.

Clients get particular benefit when they're moving into new markets, rebranding, launching new products, or are post M&A.

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