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Vista. Better data than you’ve ever had before.

The richest, deepest, and most effective prospecting database for the UK market.

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Created specifically for  B2B marketers to give them competitive advantage.

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We guarantee 95% accuracy or better

Vista is unlike any UK B2B database you may have used before.

It brings together the best from the world of business credit data, online and social data, overlaid with 1000’s of unique business intelligence data points.

And we’re expert at mining this combined might to meet your exact requirements.  

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"Partnering with DataHQ has significantly improved our data acquisition and quality, providing us with a clear strategy to drive our business outcomes.

This collaboration has been both productive and straightforward, making DataHQ a valuable asset to our operations."

Micheldever Group Ltd

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Inaccurate data, low volumes, poor conversion holding back your campaigns?

That’s what a lot of people tell us.

We solve these problems.
And we make it feel easy.

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Outstep the competition.

Every week more than 12 million business records are processed, to make Vista the most complete, refreshed and detailed view of the UK business landscape, specifically for B2B marketers.

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"VistaTM gave us five times as many emails as our previous provider.  With increased deliverability and greater coverage, we’re seeing improved results across the board"

Leading B2B Agency

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Is your flat selection criteria such as industry and turnover, delivering mediocre results?

Change that today with Vista.

  • Identify prospects based on the exact profile of your best customers
  • Get access to a greater volume of data at a higher rate of accuracy – guaranteed
  • See the results of your campaigns improve
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Rich Vista selection criteria creates new targeting possibilities:

  • Company information
  • Decision maker contacts
  • 2000+ different job titles
  • 1.5m+ direct email addresses
  • LinkedIn URLs on company and contact level 
  • Size by number of employees 
  • Payment and credit card types accepted 
  • Import / Export information 
  • Utility information (energy source / air conditioning)
  • Financial data
  • Company registration numbers 
  • Premise size and profile of working areas 
  • Car parking types and size
  • Age of business / year established 
  • 2007 SIC codes 
  • Detailed Vista business descriptions 
  • 3000+ technology installed variables 
  • And more…

Yes, criteria like ’car park size’ really can be helpful to almost all businesses:

Ask us how it works

"Rethink your audiences and uncover hidden prospects modelled on the profile of your best customers."

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Our credentials: you’re in safe hands

We have the most rigorous data protection checks in our industry so you can rest easy.

1.5m+ personal business email addresses are added to VistaTM each month, all verified for accuracy and fully compliant under PECR and GDPR.

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"Vista has driven up the results you can expect from cold prospecting"

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We have had the pleasure of working with Data HQ for seven years, and they have consistently delivered exceptional data services. Our primary contact, Carlene, ensures a smooth and productive collaboration. Her expertise in the field is remarkable, and she consistently goes above and beyond to meet our needs.

Data HQ provide not only reliable and accurate data services but also valuable strategic recommendations, which have greatly benefited our business.

I highly recommend Data HQ for top-notch data services and strategic guidance. Their team's expertise and excellent customer service makes them a reliable and trusted partner.

Diane Harvey Signum

Diane Harvey

Head of Marketing

Signum Solutions

When it comes to email campaigns, our clients have seen great success using B2B data from DataHQ. The data has allowed us to effectively target key prospects and create highly targeted campaigns.

We’re always impressed by the level of accuracy of their data, and their exceptional customer service makes it easy to find the data we need. DataHQ is an invaluable tool in our B2B marketing efforts and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Stuart Carver

Stuart Carver

Managing Director


As a marketing agency quality data is a crucial ingredient for the work we do for our clients. The success of a campaign can rely on the quality of the data we have access to. 

We really value the work Sajeel and the rest of the team put in to think outside of the box and meet our often niche and very targeted requirements.  Having a dependable supplier like Data HQ can ensure that we continue to deliver for our clients.

Claire Bennett



We have had a great experience with Data HQ, the insight that they are able to bring to projects has really helped drive response rates and acquisition whilst reducing overall campaign costs. They have helped us deliver excellent results.

ATG Training

Our data was appended with our company specific variables allowing us to produce quick and easy market potential reporting and analytics against the UK business universe. This year we are working on a micro analysis project, looking at market penetration within variable sales territories, allowing us to see at a glance how well are performing.


As soon as the campaign was activated the enquiries started coming in. We’ve been using Data HQ for five years because we know we get good value for money and high quality.

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