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Turning cold data into real actionable leads fast. 

Dynamo is a lead acceleration platform designed to give your sales & marketing more commercial oomph.

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I’m a sales leader.

Looking for real & actionable leads, fast.

I’m a marketing leader

Looking to get more from my campaigns.

Welcome to Dynamo by Data HQ

A lead acceleration platform created to give your sales & marketing more commercial oomph.

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"Dynamo identified thousands of businesses we can now reach by email that we previously couldn’t. Even the very first test cell generated an inbound enquiry."

starting point

Model your initial target audience on what your best clients look like.

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Learn and perfect targeting based on engagement.

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Use journeys to market to prospects as individuals.

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2-3 times uplift 
on engagement

  • More clicks
  • More web views
  • More hot leads
  • More enquiries
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Dynamo in a nut shell

  • Dynamo is a sales & marketing platform like no other.
  • At last, there’s a way to turn cold prospects into real and actionable leads modelled on what your best customers look like.
  • And a clever way to keep the flow of those leads constant.
  • We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Dynamo for Sales

Real actionable leads

Dynamo for Marketers

Get more from your campaigns

the competition

Markets are dynamic so you need new ideas

Data HQ has 20 years in the sales & marketing intelligence business.

We’ve created our own technology, data and ideas to solve the problems of our industry: poor data; low conversion rates, channels that aren’t integrated; crowded noisy markets; and all those providers who give you the same old, same old results.

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