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Revive data cleansing

B2B data in the UK can decay at 40% per year, damaging the impact of your marketing and sales results.

Our free audit is here to help.

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Validate your B2B database

Your data is often gathered over a long period of time, from multiple sources and different formats.

Whatever business you’re in, you should cleanse and update it regularly or your marketing efforts will have minimal impact.

Accuracy is a clear goal. Audience growth is often an unexpected bonus.

At Data HQ, we cleanse and validate your existing B2B address details on customer and prospect data.

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We offer a free audit of your existing business data, so you can identify gaps and opportunities.

This is how we help

At Data HQ, we want your B2B marketing to deliver better ROI. We utilise the Royal Mail Postal Address File to standardise and reformat your business addresses.

We de-dupe your business data to flag and remove duplicates, while sourcing additional information such as new contact details, phone numbers and unique firmographics.

Learn more about our free audit service.

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Improve your marketing ROI

Cleaner business data reduces waste and improves campaign investment returns.

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Make data enhancements

Appending new business contacts opens up new lines of opportunity for database marketing.

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Understand your customer profiles

Identifying granular firmographics allows for better business profiling.

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Free data quality audit

We’ll provide you with a personalised report indicating how your data can be improved.

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It is crucial that our database contains accurate information and we were pleased to use Data HQ to help us with our data cleansing process. As a result of the work undertaken by Data HQ, we look forward to improved communication with our supporters and the benefits that accrue from that.

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We have worked with Data HQ to consolidate our data into a single source. Our data was appended with our company specific variables allowing us to produce quick and easy market potential reporting and analytics against the UK business universe.


We love working with Tim and his team, there’s an authenticity about Data HQ that’s refreshing, they're probably one of the best kept secrets in B2B. Vista (their B2B database) has great depth and enormous reach. Having access to such a deep and rich source of data is invaluable to any company looking to understand their business customers as well as generate new leads. Whether you're an experienced marketeer or new to marketing, the team at Data HQ are super helpful, but also have the B2B marketing expertise that can help you achieve real business results.

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We've enjoyed a fruitful 10-year partnership with Data HQ. They're not only a pleasure to work with but also a vital strategic partner for us. In recent years, their services have truly exceeded expectations. Across various account managers and team members we've interacted with, their expertise shines through, consistently delivering top-notch data services and valuable strategic insights. A highly recommended choice.

Emily Crisp

Emily Crisp

Data Planning Director

Really B2B

We have always found Data HQ to be prompt, great to deal with and above all able to solve the most difficult of issues. In regards to reporting and testing, they have always delivered an insightful and efficient service and we hope to work with them again and again.


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