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Suzy Lamplugh Trust reach far bigger audience for their personal safety training.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Suzy Lamplugh Trust reach far bigger audience for their personal safety training.

By Mark Robinson 2 min read

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The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is the UK's pioneering personal safety charity and leading stalking authority, established in 1986, following the disappearance of 25-year-old Suzy Lamplugh, an estate agent and lone worker who went to meet a client and never returned.

Suzy was never found and eventually declared deceased after seven years in 1993.

They are a small charity in terms of people but have a goal to reach as many organisations as they can.

They offer incredibly effective training to businesses including:

  • Stand Up Against Harassment: Bystander Training
  • Personal Safety & Lone Working Training

They signed up to our Dynamo email marketing platform to drive awareness and ultimately enquiries and revenue.

Widely regarded as field experts in lone-working and personal safety training, the Trust turned to Dynamo to draw new people towards Suzy's Charter.

Dynamo is designed to turn cold prospects into real and actionable leads.

They loved the idea of moving away from promoting their training via email blasting to a more fruitful way of nurturing prospects as individual people.

It also appealed to the Trust because it takes the heavy lifting away from the organisation which is often already handling multiple marketing channels and workloads.

We crafted email journeys that knew just the right time to switch from awareness to personal engagement

We're all about marketing to people, not job titles.

Yes, we use automation, but we make the process human and responsive.

The journeys we crafted together were designed to increase people's awareness of the Trust’s different areas of expertise.

This is supplemented with personal emails to encourage people who are actively interested to move to the enquiry stage.

The first thing the charity noticed was the impact on website traffic.

Dynamo can track engagement throughout people's email and web journeys. This contributed towards lead scoring letting the Trust know the best time to make contact with an organisation.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust has really benefited from Dynamo's inclusive data feature.

The Trust started with a target audience of 20,000 people, and within two months this grew to 48,000 active prospects flowing through their email journeys - all of whom were selected specifically because they were a great match for the most active prospects in the journey.

Sometimes you think you know who your ideal audience is when you define your campaign, but nothing really beats actual customer response for clarity on who your buyer really is.

We call this feature "Always-On, Always Perfecting".

The uplift isn't always this extreme, but data volumes are always guaranteed to increase, and at no extra cost making it much easier for businesses to stick to budget.

"Dynamo cleverly grew our target audience without eating into our budget. The way it learns what a good prospect looks like and automatically adds them into our campaign was just brilliant."

Arad Parsi, Head of Business Development & Partnerships

About Dynamo

Dynamo is a lead acceleration platform like no other.

At last there is a way to turn cold prospects into real and actionable leads modelled on what your best customers look like.

And a clever way to keep the flow of those leads constant.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.

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