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Data modelling uncovers goldmine of hidden prospects for Capify.

Data modelling uncovers goldmine of hidden prospects for Capify.

By David Battson 1 min read

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Capify was born out of the desire to offer small businesses an alternative way to access quick, yet responsible, business finance when many were struggling to navigate the global financial crisis back in 2008.

They enjoy open access to VistaTM, our database built specifically to give B2B marketers competitive advantage.

Vista gives Capify a more comprehensive prospecting universe of 6m records and allows them to target segments of the data exactly when and how they need it.

Now they have the ultimate in scale, quality and timeliness.

We were delighted to hear from their Marketing Director that we’d helped them achieve some of their best marketing ROI to date.

Capify’s marketing team are some of the boldest thinkers in B2B and regularly work in partnership with Data HQ’s consulting team to see where even more value can be squeezed.

We recommended a data modelling project and revealed a further goldmine of hidden potential customers within the data they already owned.

Data, Technology, and Ideas – the perfect trio in our book.

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