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This ambitious Trust transformed the way it attracts new enquiries for its training courses.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust
This ambitious Trust transformed the way it attracts new enquiries for its training courses.

By David Battson 7 min read

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  • Small in-house sales team.
  • One solo marketer.
  • Crowded market.
  • UK's pioneering personal safety charity.
  • Aim to be the go-to provider in their field.
  • Excellent free advice content on their website.
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Switched from standalone email blasts to Data HQ’s Dynamo nurturing platform.

Propensity modelling selects their target audience to match their best customers. Campaigns get a better start.

Adopted “Always-On, Always-Perfecting”, the Dynamo feature that learns how prospects engage and automatically adds more each week. Outreach grew from 40,000 people to 285,000.

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Organic LinkedIn training commenced. 

Individual profiles enhanced and 591 new SDM’s secured as first-degree connections (+151%), opening up direct and welcoming conversation.

In 4 months, 825 followers added to the company page (+51%). 

Advertising trials commence on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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After one year, 235 enquiries and 865 sales leads are delivered.

Moving away from single email blasts and integrating social marketing has a big impact on enquiries.

Facebook delivers a 6% CTR (8% for remarketing), Google delivers 9%.

People spend a whopping 12 and a half minutes on the website and visit an average of 2.6 times each.

Big goals, small team. 
This ambitious Trust shares the full story on how it boosted the number, and type of enquiries for its training courses. 


Small sales team? No problem!

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust rely solely on inbound enquiries to attract bookings and enquiries for their training courses.

They are the UK's pioneering personal safety charity and leading stalking authority, established in 1986, following the disappearance of 25-year-old Suzy Lamplugh, an estate agent and lone worker who went to meet a client and never returned.

They offer incredibly effective training to business including:

  • Stand Up Against Harassment: Bystander Training
  • Personal Safety & Lone Working Training
  • Stalking training and Consultancy services

The Trust’s mission is to use education, campaigning, and support to reduce the risk and prevalence of abuse, aggression, and violence across society - with a specific focus on unwanted and harmful behaviours.

The demand for The Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s services is on the rise:

  • Aggression has increased since the Covid pandemic, at home, in public and in the workplace.
  • Studies show that stalking behaviour is identified in 94% of femicides. 
  • The Worker Protection Bill becomes law in 2024 making sexual harassment at work an offence.  
  • High profile cases of stalking and aggression are becoming more common, raising awareness.

“Our work is around the provision of personal safety training to lone and frontline workers, protecting them from incidents of aggressive and violent behaviours perpetrated by clients, members of the public or even colleagues.

Since the Health & Safety Executive describes lone-working as working without close or direct supervision of your employer, almost every organisation will have employees that fall into this category, from call centre staff, to sales and marketing people travelling to and from client meetings, to housing officers, insurance officers, people entertaining clients, or engineers working in fields, and employers are responsible for any occupational personal safety risks or concerns lone workers face” 

Arad Parsi, Director of Business Development and Partnerships.

“How can you help us become the go-to training provider in our industry?” they asked.

They are a small charity in terms of people but have a goal to reach as many organisations as they can.

I was quite surprised how many companies were out there providing training in this field. The big thing for The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is to be the go-to company that everyone wants to use.” Mark Robinson, Campaign Director at Data HQ.

The Trust’s website is fantastic. They have a ton of resources on there. High quality free advice on how to deal with issues. It’s a brilliant hub for campaigns and that’s what we focused on.”

To achieve their goal, the Trust would need to expand its outreach considerably, but they had no plans to expand their existing marketing team so needed Data HQ’s help to extend their team. 

The Trust loved the idea of moving away from promoting their training via email blasting to a more fruitful way of nurturing prospects as individual people.

Data HQ had been managing individual email campaigns for the Trust for a little while, but we were keen to introduce them to Dynamo, our lead nurturing platform designed specifically to turn cold prospects into real actionable enquiries.

They liked the idea of how Dynamo pushed people through awareness journeys and hoped it would increase the number of bookings they generated.

Dynamo appealed to them because it took the heavy lifting away from the organisation which is often already handling multiple marketing channels and workloads.

Data HQ is about marketing to people, not job titles. Yes, we're using automation, but we make the process human and responsive. The journeys we crafted together were designed to increase people's awareness of their different areas of expertise. This is supplemented with personal emails to encourage people who are actively interested to move to the enquiry stage.

The first thing the charity noticed was the impact on website traffic.

And because Dynamo can track engagement throughout people's email and web journeys, this contributes towards lead scoring, letting the charity know when it's the best time to make contact with an organisation.

The Dynamo platform delivered the first step towards expanded outreach with a realistic price tag.

The Trust really benefited from Dynamo's inclusive data feature. 

They started with a target audience of 40,000 people, and because Dynamo matches fresh data every week, this grew to 283,000 prospects flowing through their email journeys - all of whom were selected specifically because they're a great match for the most active prospects in the journey.

We call this feature "Always-On, Always Perfecting". The uplift isn't always this extreme, but data volumes are always guaranteed to increase, and at no extra cost making it much easier for businesses to stick to budget.

Within a year, the email journeys flowing through Dynamo delivered:

235 enquiries.
865 sales leads.

“Dynamo cleverly grew our target audience without eating into our budget. The way it learns what a good prospect looks like and automatically adds them into our campaign is just brilliant.” 

Arad Parsi, Director of Business Development & Partnerships.

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Integrating their social media marketing amplified results.

Our plan was to co-ordinate the Trust’s social activity with the Dynamo lead nurturing campaign so that we could generate more good news for them. And it did!” Mark Robinson, Campaign Director, Data HQ.

Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn were all assessed, and the rationale explained to focus resources on:

  • An organic approach to LinkedIn.
  • Paid advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram.

Data HQ worked to make the LinkedIn profiles friendly, approachable, and interesting. 

We then crafted a content and connection strategy that aligned with the Trust’s wider campaign themes and integrated the flow of promising leads from the Dynamo email campaign into additional one-to-one LinkedIn communication plans.

All the work on LinkedIn was tightly targeted using Sales Navigator and with Data HQ providing support to speed the connection process and consulting to advise on successful methodology and tone of voice for building personable networks at decision maker level.

A 30-60% connection rate became the norm. 

And very soon 591 new senior decision makers were secured as first-degree connections (151% increase) and 825 more followers to the Trust’s company page (51% increase). 

This opened-up direct and welcoming conversation without any gate keepers to navigate – something the Trust hadn’t experienced on LinkedIn before. 

“I’ve had a lot more emails & LinkedIn messages about what we can offer.  People are sharing about the training too rather than us having to constantly post about it.” 

Helen Burrows, Senior Business Development & Partnerships Officer

The advertising was incredibly well received. Facebook delivered a 6% CTR (8% for remarketing), and Google delivered 9% - both above industry average and both outperforming Instagram and so drawing this channel to an early close for the Trust.

And once they arrived at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website, they were staying for an average of 12.5 minutes, and having 2.6 sessions per user. And the trend is upwards.

“Everything has jumped up. Enquiries are still growing. Our content performance has increased with a lot more engagement.” 

Helen Burrows, Senior Business Development & Partnerships Officer

Key takeaways

  1. Moving away from single email blasts and better connecting their social marketing activity has had an enormous positive effect on the number of business enquiries they now get each month.
  2. A staged approach kept risk low. Each step was assessed in turn and low-cost trials run before expanding.
  3. Engagement on the website and with real people via LinkedIn has been incredible.
  4. By partnering with Data HQ, the Trust could adopt more sophisticated marketing strategies without having to add more resource inhouse.
  5. Dynamo is designed for small to medium sized firms to easily access powerful lead nurturing, with the handholding of real people. It has worked brilliantly for The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

"This has been a year of creative experimentation for The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, and we’ve been delighted to lead them on this journey." Mark Robinson, Campaign Director, Data HQ. 

“I wanted to thank you all for the support, it has been a great year, and we hope it continues on the same tangent.” 

Arad Parsi, Director of Business Development and Partnerships.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Data HQ’s Lead Nurturing Platform 

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