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St John Ambulance overcomes complex data to achieve Single Customer View.

St John Ambulance
St John Ambulance overcomes complex data to achieve Single Customer View.

By David Battson 1 min read

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Founded in 1877, St John Ambulance is a volunteer-led, non-governmental organisation dedicated to the practice of first aid in England. 

As the leading first aid charity, they want to teach everyone simple, life-saving skills.

St John Ambulance faced a complex challenge to understand and profile their vast amount of data.

For their acquisition campaigns, they needed to achieve a Single Customer View (SCV) database for analysis and data, with the facility to profile and select the best prospects.

Data HQ worked with St John Ambulance to design and build a flexible Single Customer View database.

The database takes data feeds from several source systems and combines them with Data HQ’s own business universe file (118 data). This allows St John Ambulance to link account data to transactional and communication history.

As part of the overall SCV delivery, Data HQ implemented the FastStats analytical software that allowed direct access to the SCV database.

The marketing team at St John Ambulance use the database to analyse their data and select customers for marketing campaigns. By linking St John Ambulance data into our prospect database we are able to profile the best new prospects to use in acquisition campaigns.

We unify your disparate data from multiple sources to give you a single source of truth over your customers.

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