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Recruitment drive effectively reaches job seekers

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With a student population of around 30,000, Anglia Ruskin University is one of the largest universities in the East of England and one of the biggest providers of face-to-face part-time training in the country. With over £81m spent over the last 5 years on facilities, both the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses are at the forefront of learning.


Anglia Ruskin University wanted to undertake a recruitment drive to attract high-quality teaching and support staff from within a highly competitive market place. They required a profile raising exercise in order to increase awareness, opinion, reputation and applications to employment opportunities within the university, across both locations.


Anglia Ruskin had set up a campaign solution as part of the university’s over-all recruitment advertising campaign based on minimising costs and wastage, whilst maximising the quality levels of candidates and likelihood of uptake. We agreed on two B2C email campaigns specifically targeting 10,000 unemployed university educated individuals within specified postal sectors and reasonable distance from both the Chelmsford and Cambridge campuses.

The University were delighted with the results including the 93% successful email delivery rate that was achieved


Following analysis of two data files Anglia Ruskin University were delighted with the results achieved.

For both campaigns a 92% and 93% successful email delivery rate was achieved. 5.6% and 4.9% emails were subsequently opened, followed by a 1.6% and 1.2% click-through rate to the designated landing page.