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Launched in 1997, Image Logo has rapidly transformed to become a leading supplier of bespoke branded promotional gifts and incentives to the corporate sector. Their reputation for product choice, quality and service has resulted in significant growth and a loyal customer base.


Image Logo was looking for a fast, progressive and innovative approach to generating new business leads. They required regular and incentivised e-mail campaigns to broadcast to the corporate sector.


Image Logo commissioned us to do what many retail companies should do! To make direct contact with prospect customers, provide a hassle-free and easy response mechanism and incorporate a free incentive. We selected data from our extensive email lists extracting over 70,000 quality email records, each meeting Image Logo’s exacting criteria of business services and related stationery businesses. We then broadcast a series of seven highly targeted and incentivised email campaigns via our email- broadcasting platform, thus engaging the audience whilst improving brand awareness and resulting in rapid uptake between Image Logo and customer. The campaign series, which offered a free LED torch branded with client’s logo was targeted, swift and measurable.


The average email open rate across 7 campaigns was 23%, with an average click through rate of 6%. Our response analysis revealed an unprecedented 18% click-through rate on one of these campaigns, which converted into a high number of sample requests. Image logo’s marketing investment achieved the highest conversation rate that they had ever experiences for this type of incentivised promotion.