Niche targeting leads to business growth

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Formed in 1996 following the merger of French company Ecco and Swiss company Adia Interim, Adecco has become the world leader in human resource solutions. Specialising in four key industry sectors across all job levels and with over 300 branches, Adecco is the UK’s largest recruitment agency.


Adecco’s brief was to increase their understanding of the types of companies they service, and to segment their customers into groups. This would enable a more tailored and appropriate marketing approach. In turn, they wanted to grow their business through niche targeted marketing campaigns.

Being able to drill down to high value clients and be more precise in our marketing was invaluable.


Utilising customer data recorded by Adecco across 36 months, we analysed purchasing trends, identified unique traits and characteristics and mapped them against customer profiles. This in turn highlighted high and low value segments within Adecco’s target market in addition to learning more generally about the types of businesses they were most successful at engaging with.


Adecco’s management team has used this information to tailor sales and marketing messages to appropriate recipients. Ultimately, it has enabled Adecco to optimise the effectiveness of niche targeted marketing campaigns.