Data HQ Credentials

Established in 2001, we continue to provide consistently successful data solutions to our customers. Our team of conscientious data experts have years of experience handling all types of customer requirements and dealing with the complexities of data driven sales and marketing.

Along with our own extensive experience we work with leading industry bodies and partners to ensure our services are the best available.

Bodies & Organisations

At Data HQ we work closely with industry bodies to ensure that best practises are met and that the data we supply is of a consistent quality and always responsibly sourced.

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Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

As a responsible supplier of data and information Data HQ are and have been members of the Direct Marketing Association since 2001, Data HQ upholds the values of the DMA code of practice, which is enforced by the Direct Marketing Commission.

Since 1992 the Direct Marketing Association has been setting the standard for agencies, list brokers, mailing houses and companies. Driving the values, policies and practices for direct marketing. They have over 800 members in the UK and are part of the FDMA and the FEDMA.

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British Standards Institute (BSI)

We believe passionately about the quality of what we do, from the data we supply and the processes and systems we use, to the way we communicate with our customers. This commitment is endorsed by the British Standards Institute ISO 9001 accreditation.

Founded in 1947 the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) develops voluntary international standards through global consensus. These standards practically cover all aspects of business and technology establishing quality and best practices across multiple industries and sectors.

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Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Keeping data safe and secure is a critical part of our business. Data HQ is authorised through The Information Commissioner’s Office ICO to process data for direct marketing purposes.

As an independent authority. The Information Commissioner’s Office works in the public interest to protect data privacy and to uphold information rights in the UK.

Strategic Partners

To continue delivering value to our clients, we work with carefully selected strategic partners that have built reputations for responsibly sourcing data and developing innovative technology solutions.

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118 Information

118 Information is the UK’s leading business database owner and the key agency for business directory information. This privately owned company updates and maintains a database of almost 2 million UK business records. They contact every record at least once every 12 months; twice the speed of the nearest competition.

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Founded in 1975, CACI offer an enviable range of marketing solutions and information systems. Their clients include local and central governments and businesses from a wide variety of industry sectors.

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As a developer of marketing data analysis and campaign automation software Apteco are able to provide advanced database marketing solutions. These include data mining, customer segmentation and profiling, predictive modelling and multi-channel campaign management.

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