Free up your marketing team to think strategically

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Campaign Management can be utilised to help free up your marketing team so that they can focus on strategic thinking and projects, instead of having to oversee each and every send of your campaigns.

The extent of the benefit is to some degree dependent upon the specific marketing system in use, but will in all cases be worthwhile

For example, a basic automation of your email campaigns via your email broadcaster is an elementary way to manage campaigns.

However, to really reduce strain on your team and to achieve the best possible results, you will need to take this to the next level and develop multi-channel campaign strategies which work effectively with your customer and prospect data.

Market based on your customers timing - not yours

Rather than communicating with audiences based on product launch, offer, or other timings dictated by your business, effective Campaign Management enables you to be more customer-centric with your marketing and communications.

Effective Campaign Management enables you to be more customer-centric

Communicate with your customers at an appropriate time, via a preferred channel and with a message which is most likely to induce the required response.


At least it can be with Campaign Management and Marketing Automation.

Above all, be RELEVANT

Working with a Campaign Management system, partnered with effective data use, you can plan out an entire engagement strategy, as well as specific triggered and periodic offers and campaigns.

Once these campaigns are set up, they can run in the background, automatically selecting the most appropriate records from your data, segmenting, and delivering personalised and targeted communications across multiple channels.

Ensuring you are communicating relevant messages to each customer is crucial.

Expert partnerships for best results

Data Marketing & Insight partners can work with you to develop multi-channel communication strategies, ensuring the offer, timing and message of any campaign is tailored to each of your customers’ individual preferences.

They can recommend the most appropriate tool(s) or software for Campaign Management for your specific business.

Various factors need to be considered in making this decision, including: volume of customer and prospect records, channel use, reporting requirements and marketing goals.

Then – as part of the campaign planning process – they can recommend appropriate test and learn strategies during the initial stages. Tests can be used to investigate various elements including:

  • The most engaging content for different segments and customers;
  • Call to action effectiveness;
  • Subject line success;
  • The most effective send times;
  • Channel effectiveness - including complementary channels to use together.

Working with an expert partner will also ensure you receive best practice recommendations, professional analysis of campaign results, and reports to inform ongoing improvements.

Reduced workload

Following the initial set-up and testing of the Campaign Management system, your campaigns can run automatically with little-to-no time required for their ongoing running and management.

It will always be important to review your campaigns on occasion, and optimise wherever possible. But these changes could be as easy as setting the time for all sends to 10am - as this may be when you see the highest open and click through rates.

Time is one our most valuable commodities. Free up some of yours.

  • Do you currently use any form of Campaign Management?
  • Would freeing up more time for strategic and other work help you or your team?
  • With test and learn strategies, would you benefit from identifying content effectiveness ?