Marketing Automation

Consistent, personalised communications across multiple channels

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Data-driven communication

With marketing automation, you engage with your contacts at precisely the right time with content that is optimised to their preferences, making them feel valued.

At Data HQ, we have the marketing automation expertise to plan, test, deliver and track the most effective communications for your goals, delivering better marketing ROI.

Optimise across all channels

Together, we will create omnichannel communication strategies, always tailored to your customers individual preferences.

Report and optimise future campaigns

The data to track and enhance your communications is presented in a visual, easy-to-digest format.

Improve your marketing ROI

With highly targeted communications and personalised content you’ll get better bang for your marketing buck.

Eliminate manual campaign work

Data-driven communications save valuable time while eliminating guesswork from manual processes.


After facing email automation difficulties, Data HQ worked hard to find a suitable solution to ensure my campaign got out the door exactly when I planned. Data HQ is a prime example of excellent service that goes above and beyond.


We have always found Data HQ to be prompt, great to deal with and above all able to solve the most difficult of issues. In regards to reporting and testing, they have always delivered an insightful and efficient service and we hope to work with them again and again.

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