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This is how Cranfield signed-up 300+ subscribers using repurposed budget and a fresh pair of eyes.

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This is how Cranfield signed-up 300+ subscribers using repurposed budget and a fresh pair of eyes.

By David Battson 2 min read

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Cranfield's primary brief:  “Find more brand new relevant & interested people that can be added to their HubSpot for marketing.”

Their secondary brief:  “Don’t spend any more budget please.”

Their polite request: “We don’t have any extra time to dedicate to this so please keep it simple for us.”

These are the kinds of conversations we have every week. You need fresh interest into your business, you usually need it yesterday, and you need it to stay consistent – not come for two months then disappear for 6.

Cranfield Executive Development kindly shared their whole story with us which you can read here (4 mins), but if you’re after a quick idea then you’re in the right place:

Who is Cranfield Executive Development

  • A trailblazing business school reshaping executive education.
  • Dive into Cranfield's Knowledge Hub and you're instantly inspired.
  • Their mission? Get new people to sign up to the Hub (they then nurture these inhouse to become customers).

The Challenge: Find More, Spend Nothing Extra

  • Constraint: No additional budget, but we could repurpose existing.
  • Challenge: Needs to run itself as the team had no spare capacity.

The Experiment: Swap Out Our Standard Email Marketing For Something New 

  • Cranfield's old approach: Standard email marketing.
  • The shift: Trial a lead nurturing platform.
  • The idea: Turn cold data into subscribers.

Must-Have Lead Nurturing Features That Impacted Results

  • Clever Targeting: Profiling customers and searching for lookalikes.
  • Personalised Journeys: Treating people as individuals, responding to their preferences.
  • Always-On, Always-Perfecting: Constantly topping up the campaign with new prospects.
  • Effortless Outreach: Automated journeys with expert human support.
  • Tracked website visits & lead scoring: only follow up the real prospects.

The Results 

  • 300+ New Subscribers: Opted-in to the Cranfield Knowledge Hub in just 12 months.
  • 638% Growth: Audience expansion at no extra cost.
  • 373 Hot Leads & 43 Event Registrations: Additional wins from the campaign.

The Nurturing Platform We Used In This Example

It’s called Dynamo and we love it because it completely rethinks email marketing using:

  • Smarter Targeting: More engagement, more subscribers.
  • Personal Touch: Timing is everything; be there when they need you.
  • More for your ££s: Reach larger audiences without stretching the budget.
  • Efficiency: Expand outreach without taking focus off day-to-day tasks.

Cranfield said it all “The move to Dynamo was cost neutral for us, and provided impressive results compared to previous campaigns. Dynamo has delivered a consistent stream of new leads without the need for additional input." Rachel Byrne, Marketing Manager at Cranfield Executive Development.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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