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By Adam Gould 2 min read

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If you are an experienced B2B marketer then licensing prospect data for your outreach activity won’t be new to you.

For the most part you will be used to licensing data on a cost per record (CPR) or cost per thousand (CPM). Some providers may offer subscriptions where you have access to a certain volume of records – but ultimately this still works back to a CPR/CPM arrangement as the volume of records is fixed.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this model; you pay an agreed price and receive an agreed volume of records and that’s fair enough. But what if there was a better way?

Introducing Always-on, Always-perfecting

With our product, Dynamo, we are smashing these old data buying models. We’ve stopped treating the data as a commodity and instead prioritsed the collaboration between data supplier and client to deliver what our clients actually need, leads!

The result is that we have done away with the old models of CPR or CPM and instead work on a flat subscription fee where your prospect audience is guaranteed to grow – without being asked to pay for each additional record.

This allows us to learn from the campaign as it’s progressing and alter the target audience. The result is a larger and more nuanced audience that is more likely to convert.

No more concerns around data decay

One of the issues with the old model, particularly when licensing data on a 12-month subscription, is managing the decay of data. B2B data can decay at rates as high as 40% and so as you use the data you licensed it is getting more and more out of date – unless you pay for refreshes and updates.

With Dynamo the campaigns are always run directly from the latest version of our Vista database. This eradicates the risk of data decay and also allows you to benefit from new records that match your profile.

Intelligent data selection

Because you are not constrained to a set volume of records it allows us to take advantage of propensity modelling to supercharge your campaigns.

Initial audiences are modelled on your best customers and all of the vast information we can add to that via our Vista database. Taking that to the next level, we are continuously refining the models with who is engaging (opening emails, visiting your website, enquiring etc) with your campaign.

This information is used to tweak the profile and any records that we identify with a high propensity to convert are added to the campaign – all at no additional cost to you!

For more information on how the propensity modelling works read Dave’s explanation here

In Summary

The Always-On, Always-perfecting nature of our Dynamo product provides:

  • More prospects at no extra cost
  • Continuously optimising & enhanced targeting and data selection
  • No concerns around data decay
  • A growing and recurring flow of leads as the campaign is always on

If you’re intrigued and want to know more then feel free to reach out to me on the details below.

Adam Gould
Business Development Director
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