EHAAT’s goals

EHAAT’s goal was to review and cleanse its existing database of B2B and B2C donors to ensure the most effective direct marketing campaigns with minimal wastage.

The charity wanted to profile the type of people most likely to donate to the charity in the future, in turn allowing them to better target their marketing and fundraising efforts.

Data HQ’s solution

Using its extensive database, as well as the industry’s leading suppression files, Data HQ carried out a data quality audit for EHAAT, and highlighted areas for improvement within the existing database.

Then, Data HQ corrected contact details and appended additional information where available, identified and removed gone away records, and identified and consolidated duplicates.

Using this newly cleansed database and past donation records, Data HQ worked with EHAAT to profile and segment their target audience based on the likelihood to donate.

The results

Data HQ identified and removed 10.75% of the original list that was incorrect. With mailing costs of 50p per item this suppression could save the charity over £1,500, per send.
We identified and removed 10.75% of the original mailing list where address details were incorrect.

Data HQ solutions used

Database cleansing

After a free data quality audit, we will enhance your database to ensure you’re not marketing to incorrect records, saving your business valuable time and money.

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Segmentation & modelling

We help you plan targeted marketing activity by identifying groups of customers with similar properties and or behaviour.

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