Learn from your Black Friday Campaigns

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“Black Friday” originated in America, falling each year on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, and marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. However, year-on-year its presence is increasingly felt in the UK and across the rest of the world.

With leading online retailers taking the opportunity to promote special offers for an entire week before Black Friday, we are seeing further evidence of this period being used to drive up sales in this important pre-Christmas retail period.

Consumer Behaviour & Timing

With disposable income somewhat limited during recent years, consumers have more and more tended to search for the best price or ‘a bargain’ when shopping, at any time of the year. This is particularly prevalent when buying gifts for lots of people at once, as is traditionally the case around Christmas.

Businesses looking to take advantage of this period will already have their campaigns set-up and ready to go for 2014 – but what will be vital for those campaigns, to achieve maximum success, is monitoring and reporting on them after this period

Reporting and Insight for Future Success

B2C organisations should be planning to run various campaigns; anything from generic discount-led messages, to those that are targeted and personalised to the customer, with offers in their specific areas of interest.

Reporting on the varying successes of different types of campaigns will help highlight which is most effective for your particular audience and industry – then beyond that for the different segments within it.

It may be for example, that for your industry, male clients prefer personalised emails featuring products they have looked at before, whereas females in general respond better to a discount that can be used for any purchase.

Unlike in 1961 when the Black Friday term was originally coined, readily available systems now enable you to gain a better understanding of customer and prospect behaviour, allowing you to create responsive marketing campaigns to drive ROI – at any time of the year!

At a time when your response rates should be higher than usual, the insight you can gain from the results of these campaigns will be invaluable for informing your campaign planning for the rest of the year. So don’t miss out, and make sure that you report on and understand the results, good or bad, of your seasonal campaigns.

  • How detailed is your post campaign reporting?
  • What patterns are you expecting or have you seen previously?
  • Would you find more in-depth insight valuable? If so talk to us today.