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The easiest way to stabilise lead flow...FOREVER

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By Rebecca Burrows 1 min read

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There’s a new technology in town. And it’s a game changer for marketers from all budget sizes.

It’s called “Always-On, Always-Perfecting”.

It’s a solid new idea that solves the headache of keeping your lead flow consistent and making sure those leads are good and not just padded out with low quality click-thru’s.

Let me talk you through the first part… “Always-On”

As soon as your campaign is switched on, it starts to learn how your prospects are engaging. It never sleeps, stops for coffee, or needs a holiday. It constantly studies the behaviour of your best performing prospects.

And now the “Always-Perfecting” part…

It looks at the profile of the best performing prospects in your campaign and automatically goes back to the database to get more.

This means that your campaign is always growing, and the quality is always improving.

And if something changes in your market’s behaviour or needs… no problem. The technology learns and responds to this automatically.

And here’s a real example

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust tried it out. They started with a target audience of 20,000 people, and within two months this grew to 48,000 active prospects flowing through their email journeys - all of whom were selected specifically because they were a great match for the most active prospects in the journey.

Sometimes you think you know who your ideal audience is when you define your campaign, but nothing really beats actual customer response for clarity on who your buyer really is.

This sounds expensive right?

Nope. Technology is coming down in price all the time. This is not enterprise level functionality but something all organisations can take advantage of.

If you’re a little bit hooked then there’s a longer read on this subject here:

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