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Don’t ignore this idea because it’s so simple. Broaden your contacts per company.

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By David Battson 1 min read

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This idea is so simple, there’s a good chance you’ll skim over it, but I urge you not to.

If you’re currently holding 1-2 contacts per company on your cold prospecting database. Then change this today, the more the merrier.

Here’s why…

We know that more people are involved in the buying decision than ever before

It’s a fact. Studies like the Gartner one I am referencing here, tell us that there can be 6-10 decision makers involved in the sign off of our orders now.

Customer journey chart

We also know that a seller has less opportunity to influence that decision

The buyer is now so empowered to research independently, that they don’t need a sales person to guide them through any more. In fact a third of all buyers are fine not meeting with a sales rep throughout the sales process. This is even higher if you look at Millenials where it rises to 54%.

Buyers are also likely to be at least 57% through their decision-making process before you are invited to be part of it.

Influence is changing. Where it comes from within an organisation is changing and how it travels around the business is no longer linear.

Gartner data chart

And the way we trust has changed

Businesses are no longer straight forward hierarchies. Focusing all your marketing on one or two decision makers could mean that you are aiming your arrow for the part of the conversation that happens right at the end of a customer’s decision-making process.

The simple answer?

Broaden your number of contacts within your target audience database.

What would be even better?

To use a campaign technology that automatically learns which people are engaging with your business and goes off to find more of them – let the technology find the influencers for you.

You can read more about that here

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