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By Mark Robinson 2 min read

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Have you ever heard of Group Brain?

Studies in the US have shown that when people work together, they’re quite literally on the same wave-length.

When we start working on a marketing programme that needs the involvement of many stakeholders within the business, it’s not uncommon for us all to carry different pictures in our brain of the purpose and what we imagine is going to happen. And we know what happens when this disconnect occurs.

To harness our Group Brain we need a shared and agreed picture that we are all committed and aligned to.

Clear evidence for your plan is a good place to start

These days, technology has made it less expensive for a business to model its market before it sets out its marketing plan. And for this idea today I am going to explore the TAM report (Total Addressable Market) with you.

TAM reports can predict the spend in your target market and match this against your current sales performance revealing opportunities for new business and growth.

There’s nothing like clear evidence to focus the mind. Next you must work on their hearts…

Your visuals will need to be simple yet impressive

You can kill a great plan with a bad presentation. And you can bury compelling actions amongst too much information.

Pick a TAM report that uses a visual dashboard.

This creates a natural hierarchy so you can convey your key messages succinctly and consistently each time someone opens it, whilst also giving your stakeholders the power and control to drill down into precisely what they need.

Immersive experiences will help to connect people to your plan

Static reports and presentations are a one-way broadcast. Get people involved if you want to take them with you. If you choose a Digital TAM then you can share this dashboard widely encouraging sales teams to dig around in their territories for example. Forget the PDF of your plan which gets filed and forgotten, a Digital TAM helps you achieve Group Brain for your organisation – one clear picture of your purpose and goal.

Help other people to be the smartest in the market

Digital TAM’s can be licensed for a period of 6 months or a year for example, meaning that if something in your market-place changes to make a sector or geography more or less attractive then the data automatically updates.

What should you be paying for a TAM Report

It’s typical to pay around £3k for a digital TAM, although of course this does depend on your brief.

If you’re a little bit hooked then there’s another article about digital TAM’s here:

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