Adecco’s goals

As a huge UK recruitment agency, Adecco’s wanted to increase their core understanding of all the types of companies it services, and to segment its customers into groups.

This segmentation and targeting would enable a more tailored and appropriate marketing approach. In turn, allowing it to grow the business through niche targeted marketing campaigns.

Data HQ’s solution

Utilising customer data recorded by Adecco across 36 months, Data HQ analysed its purchasing trends, identified unique traits and characteristics, and mapped them against Adecco’s customer profiles.

This, in turn, highlighted high and low value segments within Adecco’s target market, whilst giving greater insight into the types of businesses they had the greatest engagement success with.

The results

Thanks to the the data analysis project with Data HQ, Adecco’s management team now uses key insights to tailor its sales and marketing messages to the most appropriate recipients.

Ultimately, the project has enabled Adecco to optimise the effectiveness of niche targeted marketing campaigns.

Being able to drill down to high value clients and be more precise in our marketing was invaluable.

Data HQ solutions used

Segmentation & modelling

We help you plan targeted marketing activity by identifying groups of customers with similar properties and or behaviour.

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Data management

We’ll ensure your entire business database is well maintained, accurate and optimised.

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Analytics and BI

Our analytics team will deliver you strategic insights in a visual and intuitive format, segmenting and targeting your customers based on real-time patterns.

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