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Bring all of your data together

Do you hold information about your customers and prospects across multiple systems, spreadsheets and databases? More often than not, these data sources are totally disparate, making it very difficult to get a complete understanding of your business.

A Single Customer view database, however, helps you understand your customers behaviour based on loyalty, purchasing patterns, behaviour and engagement. This allows us to track campaign responses more effectively and calculate an accurate ROI.

Unite your data

Pull together data sources across disparate channels and systems into one pool

Enhanced customer insights

A single view gives you a 360 degree, holistic view over your customers for more effective targeting

Insight to drive ROI

The more knowledge you have, the better your return on marketing investment

A partnership approach

We take time to really understand your business and ensure deliver the best possible results

In FastStats, we have the ability to de-dupe new data against our own CRM, make segmenting data easy and get access to ‘live’ information. The service offered by Data HQ is always of a very high standard.

We have worked with Data HQ to consolidate our data into a single source. Our data was appended with our company specific variables allowing to produce quick and easy market potential reporting and analytics against the UK business universe.

A fact sheet about SCV

With only a partial view of your customers, your understanding of their true value is limited. Truly knowing your customers, you are able to engage more effectively.

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