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Uncover better insights

Our FastStats Marketing Suite provides marketers and non-technical team members with intuitive tools on one platform to uncover new insights from business data.

FastStats is so simple to use, it allows marketers to focus their time on developing customer marketing and business strategies, not deep-diving into complex datasets.

With a more complete view of data, your marketing campaigns will be more targeted, get better results and see a higher return on investment.

Accurate customer insights

Unlock insights that reveal a holistic understanding of your customers and prospects’ behaviour

Tailored marketing messages

Create segments for accurate targeting and to drive engagement

Accurate, easy reporting

Measure, analyse and report on campaign performance

Continual data improvements

FastStats allows your marketers to adapt and optimise their segments based on evolving insights

We have had a great experience with Data HQ, the insight that they are able to bring to projects has really helped drive response rates and acquisition whilst reducing overall campaign costs. They have helped us deliver excellent results.

We have worked with Data HQ to consolidate our data into a single source. Our data was appended with our company specific variables allowing to produce quick and easy market potential reporting and analytics against the UK business universe.

Everything you need to know about FastStats

Read more about why FastStats is a pioneering data visualisation tool for marketers to improve the efficiency of their activities.

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