Segmentation & modelling

Divide your customers into targeted groups

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Highly targeted marketing

Data-driven segmentation helps you plan highly-targeted marketing activities. Identify groups of customers that have similar properties and / or buying behaviours.

Segmentation helps you target each customer group in the most appropriate way. Then, you can plan your campaigns and strategy with a deeper understanding of customer segments. This insight allows you to drive a better return on investment overall.

Create pen portraits

Designed and built around the individual segments identified within your data

Understand customer behaviour

Visually representing your customers helps share understanding within your organisation

Define targeted strategies

By segmenting your customers you’ll have greater insights to craft highly targeted campaigns

Drive better ROI

When you personalise your communications for specific audiences, you boost engagement and generate better ROI


In FastStats, we have the ability to de-dupe new data against our own CRM, make segmenting data easy and get access to ‘live’ information. The service offered by Data HQ is always of a very high standard.


This year we are working on a micro analysis project, looking at market penetration within variable sales territories, allowing us to see at a glance how well we are performing within specific postcode regions and target markets.

Fact sheet about customer profiling and targeting

Whether you are targeting business or consumer prospects, to be able to effectively communicate with them you need to understand who they are. Read why.

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