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Maximum ROI from your mailing

FactQuest is our unique proprietary modelling segmentation tool that identifies the best available direct marketing data and selection criteria for our customers’ campaigns.

With FactQuest, we have the capability to fully understand the aims, selection criteria and available data for each direct marketing campaign. FactQuest is specifically designed to not just look for the customers most likely to respond, but also the customers that will result in the best incremental response rates, delivering a better overall campaign ROI.

Reduced direct mailing costs

FactQuest will deliver savings by allowing you to mail fewer customers

Better return on your campaign spend

Customers will be selected based on their likelihood of being influenced by the mailing, resulting in a much greater ROI

Effective use of marketing budget

Get better bang for your marketing buck with a highly-targeted modelling approach

Thorough scoping session included

We take time to understand the logic behind the current selections, control cells, previous results and any previous testing


This year we are working on a micro analysis project, looking at market penetration within variable sales territories, allowing us to see at a glance how well we are performing within specific postcode regions and target markets.


We have had a great experience with Data HQ, the insight that they are able to bring to projects has really helped drive response rates and acquisition whilst reducing overall campaign costs. They have helped us deliver excellent results.

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