David Battson

Operations Director

As a core part of the Data HQ team since 2004, David is an expert at unravelling complex data and making sense of intricate client requirements.

New data selections to help your targeting

At Data HQ, we never stand still and are always looking to provide additional value to our clients. As the UK's most trusted supplier of quality business data for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Marketing we know how to help you get the most from your campaign.

As part of this we are always looking to improve the quality of our business universe, whether that be in it's accuracy, additional contacts or new data points. We are pleased to therefore announce that we have added new selection criteria. These variables are now available to improve the targeting and performance of your marketing campaigns and ensure you select the best data.

Financial & Credit Information

Powered by desk and telephone research along with publicly available information we have expanded on the Companies House financial information we already held. This allows us to not only select the business data you need by traditional firmographics but also by the creditworthiness and risk. Some of the additional fields now available include:

  • The change in a companies Cash balance or Revenue from the previous accounts to the current accounts
  • The status and value of the most recent CCJ against a company
  • The health rating on a business financial stability
  • A credit score out of 100
  • Suggested credit limits
  • Details on outstanding mortgages

Property Details

For many business it is important to understand the physical details of their target prospects premises when constructing acquisition marketing campaigns. Our new data selections will now allow for much greater targeting based on the premise. This data is again sourced by extensive desk research and combined with public data sources. The below are some key fields we have now added to the business universe.

  • Rateable Value: approximate market rental value of the property
  • Total size of the property
  • Premise Type, i.e. Showroom, Office, Warehouse, Workshop or Retail etc
  • Size of the car park including the number of car parking spaces

If you are looking to kick-start your acquisition marketing via Direct Mail, Telemarketing or Email Marketing then please contact us to speak to one of our highly experienced team. For information on the pricing of our marketing data please see our pricing page here.

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