FastStats Discoverer

Easily access data to answer business questions and drive efficient campaigns

Data Mining and Analysis Tool

Provide marketers with a platform to easily access data which they can analyse and manipulate to help drive successful campaigns.

These tools enable non-technical people to uncover new insights from the data and view in a way that makes it both meaningful and actionable.

  • Target specific markets and channels
  • Simple data selection and cross tabulation
  • Perform basket and transactional analysis
  • Use modelling to target customers based on preferences
  • Identify prospects with similar profiles to your customer base

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Data Exploration and Visualisation

FastStats Discoverer is a data analysis tool which provides marketers with a comprehensive suite of data exploration and visualisation functionality. This is delivered via a simple 'drag and drop' Windows interface. It allows marketers and non-technical users to explore their data to uncover new insights which support efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

  • Natural train of thought analysis
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Perform basket and transactional analysis
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​Empower marketers with direct access to data

The efficiency and speed of FastStats allows marketers to focus their time on developing customer marketing and business strategies, as opposed to spending their time trying to find the information they need.

Putting access to the data in the hands of marketers empowers them to drive marketing campaigns without the need to involve IT departments in basic selections or analysis.

Create campaign selections, which can be exported in different formats and uploaded directly to digital marketing providers

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  • Gain a better understanding of customer and prospect behaviour
  • Create segments for accurate targeting of tailored marketing messages
  • Unlock additional customer insights that can be applied throughout your business
  • Measure, analyse and report on campaign performance
  • Model potential outcomes and create responsive marketing campaigns to match
  • Create robust and repeatable marketing processes
  • Manage campaign and response analysis

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