Reporting & Dashboards

Share flexible, graphic representations of business intelligence and campaign results

Bring your campaign results to life with tailor made reports and dashboards

Present campaign metrics and business key performance indicators in a user-friendly format. Bring together your online and offline results to present a complete picture of customer behaviour and interactions. We will work with you to unlock the hidden potential within your data to inform your marketing strategy.

  • Save valuable time when producing regular reports
  • Create interactive reports for your team
  • Predefine choices for non-technical users
  • Draw in data from multiple sources for greater insight
  • Instant refresh of reports at the exact time you need updates

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​Answer business questions

Reporting and Dashboards allow marketers to answer and monitor on-going business questions, such as:

  • How is the business performing against KPI's?
  • Who are my most profitable customers and through which channels?
  • How are different customer segments performing?
  • What is the effect of different levers on business performance? e.g. discount vs incentives
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FastStats Excelsior

Excelsior allows you to build customer reports based on business needs and share these internally with colleagues via Microsoft Excel.

Excelsior combines the analytical power of Faststats with the flexibility of Excel providing you with data driven results that can be manipulated and presented as high level summaries and management dashboards.

Non-technical users can interact with the report to determine which results are displayed and refresh the data with a single click, for on-demand reporting. It also allows users to schedule an automatic refresh and an email delivery of the reports.

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Our specialist team have over 20 years experience in data marketing strategy. They are happy to discuss and advise on the most effective combination of services, based on what you are looking to achieve.

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