Customer Profiling & Prospect Targeting

We can help you to better understand your customer data to identify your best prospects

Understand Your Current Customers and Acquire Similar Prospects

Supply us with your customer database and we will conduct a market penetration analysis, comparing your customers against our extensive in- house universe.

With a profile you are able to see the types of customer who best represents your client base and use this to improve future targeting.

  • Understand your customers to improve communications
  • Use the data to predict and plan for future behaviours
  • Select the best prospects for use in acquisition campaigns
  • Append additional data to enhance your customer records
  • Understand current and potential market penetration

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Build a detailed picture of your customers

In order to effectively communicate with your customers you need to understand who they are. A detailed picture of the age, gender, location, industry and other demographic characteristics of your customers should be integral in planning a marketing strategy.

It is also essential to understand your current customer base when designing an acquisition programme. You may wish to consider like-for-like new customers, or identify gaps in your client base.

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Enhance contacts with additional information

We hold extensive B2B and B2C files in house. We can use this comprehensive data source to enhance your records with valuable information such as: industry, company size and turnover for Business data; or demographics such as: age, gender and geographic variables for consumer data.

The final profile will allow you to identify trends and attributes within your existing customer base, to support targeting of similar prospects and maximise ROI for your campaigns.

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Our Insight & Analysis Team are here to help

Our specialist team have over 20 years experience in data marketing strategy. They are happy to discuss and advise on the most effective combination of services, based on what you are looking to achieve.

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