Insight and Analysis

Harness the hidden potential in your data to expose relationships and insights

Improve Marketing Efficiency with better Customer Insight

Our Insight and Analysis team will work with you to interrogate and interpret your data. The insights gained can be presented to you as intuitive, visual dashboards and used to increase customer engagement through targeted communications and enhanced strategic planning.

  • Strengthen your understanding of customer behaviour
  • Use actionable recommendations to address business issues
  • Understand the value of individuals and groups of customers
  • Understand and improve customer loyalty and engagement

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Our Approach

The first step will always be a consultation session, through which our experts will gain a full understanding of the business issues you wish to address. We will design a bespoke approach to deliver insight which will address your specific requirements.

Upon completion of the project we will present our findings and the data back to you, along with actionable recommendations. At all stages of an insight project, we will communicate with you to ensure the project deliverables remain in line with your business objectives.

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Transactional and Engagement Analysis

  • Analyse and segment your customers based on transactional patterns
  • Monitor movement between segments
  • Gain an overall view of how your customers are performing and if your marketing is having a positive influence
  • Use techniques such as Pareto Analysis to uncover the top segments within your data (80/20 rule)

We can create any bespoke analysis and reporting you require to understand the transactions in your data and how they relate to the success of your business and marketing plans.

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Propensity Modelling

  • Who will respond to your mailings and from which channels?
  • Which customers are at risk of lapsing?
  • Which products will be of most interest to each customer?

Don't waste money communicating with customers who will never respond, or promoting products which are not of interest to them. Propensity modelling enables you to predict the future, helping you decrease costs and increase revenue.

To create a truly targeted, one-to-one campaign you must know who to target, when, how and with which products. All of this can be achieved with Propensity Modelling. We can build robust, accurate models and help you integrate them into your communications strategy to maximise engagement and Return on Investment.

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Churn Analysis

  • Understand the ratio between acquisition and attrition within your customer base
  • How many new prospects do you need to convert to make up for existing customers who lapse?
  • Should you focus more on retention and reactivation as a more cost effective alternative to acquisition?

We can help you analyse the churn within your current customer base. Using our experience and statistical knowhow, we will interpret this analysis to plan and model acquisition and retention, revealing the rates at which the customer pool will grow or contract.

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Next Best Action Modelling

  • Create customer centric offers and campaigns based on interests and behaviour
  • Upsell at a time when your customers are likely to be receptive
  • Intervene at key points in a customer journey e.g. if a customer is likely to lapse

Based on previous behaviour, plan an ideal customer journey and communicate the best offers, products and information to each individual at the most appropriate time.

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Our specialist team have over 20 years experience in data marketing strategy. They are happy to discuss and advise on the most effective combination of services, based on what you are looking to achieve.

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