Wiltshire Farm Foods’ goals

As part of a new business drive in support of their network of franchisees, Wiltshire Farm Foods wanted to boost awareness, generate new leads and brochure requests from the 70+ market.

Data HQ’s solution

Targeting older consumers requires a highly considered approach. Care needs to be taken with the validity of up-to-date data to avoid offending contacts with inappropriate and out-dated records. It was important to clearly identify and define data by territory to support each local outlet, always without cross-selling or duplication.

Data HQ identified that, due to the age range, traditional direct mail would be the most applicable and impactful marketing method, arranged quarterly across a 12-month period. We selected contact records from our extensive and rigorously checked consumer lists based on criteria including age, demographic and location.

The results

After Data HQ cleansed and prepared data, Wiltshire Farm Foods achieved an ROI of over 100% after 6 weeks sfter the campaign launch. This increased to 1000% 40 weeks after the launch.

The final results? Brand awareness and its individual outlet traffic not only increased, Wiltshire Farm Foods benefited from a sharp increase in brochure requests during the campaign periods.


We have had a great experience with Data HQ, the insight that they are able to bring to projects has really helped drive response rates and acquisition whilst reducing overall campaign costs. They have helped us deliver excellent results.

Data HQ solutions used

Database cleansing

After a free data quality audit, we will enhance your database to ensure you’re not marketing to incorrect records, saving your business valuable time and money.

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Marketing lists

We only work with reliable sources. This means you can trust the quality and compliance of our b2b marketing list data.

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