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Lead nurturing made easy

The more you know about your leads, the better you can nurture them. With email automation, coupled with excellent data, you can create and execute entirely targeted, personalised email journeys for the best levels of engagement.

By making use of email marketing automation with Data HQ, you’ll deliver a consistent message to your prospective customers and grow your business.

Deliver data-driven emails

We’ll develop a multi-channel strategy, ensuring the timing and messaging are all tailored to your individual customers.

Keep your customers engaged

Personalised communications will leave your customers feeling valued and treated as individuals.

The latest automation tools

Use the best platforms to plan and deliver your targeted campaigns.

Test and track success

Your email campaigns are measurable and accountable, allowing you to optimise, going forward.

After facing email automation difficulties, Data HQ worked hard to find a suitable solution to ensure my campaign got out the door exactly when I planned. Data HQ is a prime example of excellent service that goes above and beyond.

We used Data HQ for an acquisition campaign to an audience that had historically proved difficult to engage. One month after we launched the campaign, consisting of a direct mail piece, email and advertising, we have exceeded our response target by 200%.

Your guide to email marketing

Read why email marketing should be part of your overall marketing mix to generate new clients for the long term.

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