Data Cleansing & Processing Services

Cleaner database, better responses.

You can’t avoid data deterioration. When your database is clean, you minimise gaps in your contacts and improve your investment returns.

Our database experts at Data HQ will ensure you keep your data as clean and up-to-date as possible. After a free data quality audit, we can enhance and cleanse your database to ensure you’re not marketing to incorrect records, saving your business valuable time, money and brand reputation.

Why get a Data HQ database cleanse?

Today, data is an incredibly valuable business asset, so why wouldn’t you keep this asset in top working order? Data doesn’t stand still. The information landscape is constantly evolving, leading to constant change and data decay. As the data experts, at Data HQ we understand exactly how to cleanse and deduplicate your data, locking down your data quality for longer.

Free data quality audit

We’ll provide you with a personalised report indicating how your data can be improved.

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Complete deduplication

Our data management systems offer complete and accurate identification and removal of duplicate entries across single or multiple files.

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Suppress invalid data

We’ll update records where information is no longer accurate: home or office relocations, phone number changes or if people have passed away, not forgetting TPS, CTPS or MPS checks.

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Enhance existing records

We can add valuable information like demographics and wealth indicators or industry and employee size for B2B data.

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Data quality audit

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B2B data cleansing

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Optimise your B2C data

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It is crucial that our database contains accurate information and we were pleased to use Data HQ to help us with our data cleansing process. As a result of the work undertaken by Data HQ, we look forward to improved communication with our supporters and the benefits that accrue from that.

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust

We have had a great experience with Data HQ, the insight that they are able to bring to projects has really helped drive response rates and acquisition whilst reducing overall campaign costs. They have helped us deliver excellent results.

Wiltshire Farm Foods

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