Email Broadcasting

Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing when effectively targeted to the right audiences

We can send your email campaigns, assist with your targeting, help create a strong design and supply effective data for the final project

Support is available at any stage of your email marketing campaign. Our dedicated Email Marketing team will work alongside your account manager to understand your goals and ensure the smooth testing, build and distribution of your final campaign.

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An email broadcast eliminates the need for costly printing and postage

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Responses can be gathered and acted upon within hours in most cases

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Measurable and Accountable

You can find out what’s working (and what‘s not) and tailor your campaigns accordingly

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Segmentation & Targeting

Making sure you tailor and target your messages is easily achievable with email marketing

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Key Stages

There are some key stages to be aware of when sending an email broadcast

  • Stage 1 - Select your target audience and any segments within this
  • Stage 2 - Define the message, offer or content
  • Stage 3 - Develop the creative design
  • Stage 4 - Review and test the creative, subject line and all other elements
  • Stage 5 - Distribution to initial segments or test group
  • Stage 6 - Final broadcast to remainder of list or segments
  • Stage 7 - Track and report on responses
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Why Email Marketing?

There are many effective uses for email broadcasting including:

  • Sharing promotional offers with clients and prospects
  • Informing your target audience of new products or services
  • Distributing newsletters, articles and other relevant content
  • Reminders about exhibitions, opening dates & special events

With an effective email marketing strategy you can begin to build profitable online customer relationships. These can be further enhanced with Automation techniques to improve customer engagement - we can help you achieve all this.

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Our experts are ready to help

Whether you are looking to identify and target more customers like those you currently serve or are planning a marketing campaign into a new sector or audience, accurate data and effective campaigns are vital to achieving your objectives. Our experienced account managers will discuss your business and campaigns with you in detail, to ensure we identify the best possible solutions for you.

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