Corporate Contacts

120,000 top level contacts from the UK’s 20,000 largest companies

If you need to target the departmental managers and senior personnel at the largest UK companies, then this is the ideal database for you.

The Corporate Contacts mailing list is unique to Data HQ, contains 120,000+ contacts and gives you direct access to over 20,000 of the UK's biggest corporate companies.

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Most accurate data in the market

All records are completely updated within the last 3 months by our dedicated research team

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Senior Director & Manager contacts

Allowing you to target the top level contacts by department in the largest UK companies

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Business and Contact Criteria

Select your contacts based on Department, Industry, Turnover, Employee Numbers, Geography and more

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Corporate Contacts from Data HQ

Target top level contacts at the UKs largest companies

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​The Who’s Who of Corporate Britain

As the most accurate, detailed and reliable list of directors and senior management available today, this database can help you to reach the right people, saving you time, money and effort.

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​Continually Updated

We constantly update the information contained within the list with contact updates made every week. Ensuring that you get access to the latest information and gain the competitive advantage.

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​Comprehensively Researched

This data has been meticulously gathered by a dedicated team of Data HQ researchers. It is unique; rigorously researched and allows you to reach wider and deeper than any other business marketing list available.

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​Exceptional Quality Guaranteed

Using detailed telephone research, data is completely verified meaning you can be sure of its accuracy. We also offer a unique Return & Renew Guarantee - If you find an error within 30 days, we will correct and replace the record/s.

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Prices for channel and licence options for our Corporate Contacts data

12 Month use license

per 1000 records

Perpetual use license

per 1000 records

Postal Only

Contact Name, Job title, Company Name and Address

£300 £900
Postal & Telephone

Contact Name, Job title, Company Name, Address
and Telephone Number

£400 £1000
Postal & Email

Contact Name, Job title, Company Name, Address
and Email Address

£450 £1100
Postal, Telephone & Email

Contact Name, Job title, Company Name, Address,
Telephone Number and Email Address

£550 £1200

Corporate Contacts data purchases are subject to a minimum order of £310. All Orders also include a Production and output fee of £60. All Prices exclude VAT

All orders are subject to Data HQ Ltd terms & conditions of use.

You can also buy online without a minimum order charge at

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