Business Mailing Lists

Over 2 Million records - 800,000 direct emails

Get in touch with the relevant contacts from over 2 Million companies - defined by 2000 industry classifications.

Accurate and responsive mailing list data is the foundation of successful campaigns, ensuring your marketing is relevant and maximising its effectiveness.

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Detailed Industry & Other criteria

Target your audience by drilling down to the precise Business type, Job Title,Geography, Size, Turnover and more

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Accuracy and Recency

All records are updated at least yearly with various processes used to maintain and ensure accuracy, including call centre research

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Responsibly Sourced Contacts

As a member of the DMA all our business data is conscientiously sourced to the highest industry standards and 100% opted in

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Data HQ Business Mailing Lists

Identify your next business clients

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Target your audience

Define businesses and contacts using our extensive selection criteria including: Industry Sector, Company Size, Turnover, Geography, Department, Job Title etc.

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Accurate, Responsive Data

Only accurate data provides responsive contacts and in turn, successful marketing. By working with reliable sources we can ensure data accuracy, enhancing responsiveness.

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Dedicated Account Manager

You will be allocated your own dedicated account manager with the expertise to help you identify and select the best possible consumer data for your needs.

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Data Marketing Specialists

With our extensive experience in both mailing lists as well as intelligent data marketing services, we are in the best position to help and advise you on effective campaigns.


Prices for channel and licence options for our business data

Single use license

per 1000 records

Twelve times use license

per 1000 records

One channel only

Postal or Email or Telephone

£150 £260
Two Channels

Either: Postal and Email, Postal and
Telephone, Email and Telephone

£190 £300
Three channels

Postal, Email and Telephone

£240 £350

All B2B data purchases are subject to a minimum order of £310. All orders also include a Production and output fee of £60. All prices exclude VAT.

All orders are subject to Data HQ Ltd terms & conditions of use.

Our experts are ready to help

Whether you are looking to identify and target more customers like those you currently serve or are planning a marketing campaign into a new sector or audience, the right data is vital to achieving your objectives.

Our experienced account managers will discuss your business and campaigns with you in detail, to ensure we identify the best possible data using our extensive selection criteria.

Call us on 01245 807 470 to discuss your business marketing

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