Where does Consumer marketing data come from?

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Have you ever wondered about the precise origin of the consumer data you buy? Consumer data is such a huge group – well essentially it includes everyone! So, as with all data, knowing how to locate and select the best source for your specific requirements can be difficult. Here we explore some of the sources to help you consider the options available.

Core sources of consumer data

The base of consumer data comes from:

  • Electoral Roll – gives name and address details of everyone registered to vote. The full version has viewing laws, but the edited version (which excludes people who have opted-out) does not.
  • BT OSIS (Operator Services Information System) – the best source for finding telephone numbers to match the names and addresses.

Additional sources of data

Other sources of data include:

  • Publishers – some will compile and sell their subscriber lists for different magazines. This helps identify specific areas of interest (e.g. Photography, DIY, Travel, Sports, etc.) by what that audience reads – and therefore which products are likely to be in the focus of major interest.
  • Events and Exhibitions Organisers – again, some will compile and sell their delegate lists related to different events e.g. Ideal Home Exhibition, Outdoor Show, Top Gear event, etc, – as they will hold this information in their registration details.
  • Form Completion – Contact data is often captured when individuals complete forms either online or offline, when making enquiries or using comparison sites, for example.
  • Subscriptions – Signing up to subscriptions for emails, special offer notifications, voucher codes and more.
  • Surveys and Competitions – When details are taken from competition or survey entries, these can provide contact data as well as sometimes an area of interest and other useful information about those consumers.

Where to find the best data for your needs

With so many variables and different sources it can be difficult to pinpoint the most appropriate consumer data for a particular requirement or campaign. It is therefore advisable to use a full service data agency that really knows data and can help you identify the best criteria as well as sources for the specific consumer group/s you are looking to contact.

Full service agencies know where best to locate and access different types of lists. We can also help you with building, maintaining and managing a prospect pool.

Always look for a data agency that offers services over and above supplying marketing lists – those may include profiling, audits, cleansing, and database management. This way the specialist data agency can help you identify the best consumers to target – over and above what you already know.

Consumer data law

With consumer data there is opt-in protection in place to protect us all as individuals. All the above sources will include some level of opt-in by the consumer such as tick-boxes at the end of forms, or when registering for events, or agreement when joining publishers mailing lists or completing a survey.

  • Do you struggle to find knowledgeable data suppliers who can help you to find the most appropriate data?
  • Have you ever been badly advised on which B2C list to buy?
  • Have you experienced any issues with consumer data opt-in?