Direct Mail & The Rising Cost of Postage

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In these days of tougher budgets and better response analysis ROI is more important than ever. By selecting the right mailing house they can help you get the best value for money from the conception to fulfillment of your campaign.

The Challenge

For many years now the Direct Mail budget has been under attack from Email Marketing and Online Advertising (in the form of SEO and PPC campaigns). With the huge growth of Twitter and other forms of Social Media Marketing the cost of Direct Mail has come under further scrutiny.

On April 30th the Royal Mail introduced a 30% and 37% increase on the price of 1st and 2nd Class stamps respectively. In addition they have radically overhauled the Mailsort system and introduced a large number of alternative/replacement products.

Choosing the right Mailing House

Despite the rise in postage costs many mailing houses already offer fantastic rates on bulk mailings. In fact, many clients and prospects are surprised to find that postage via a mailing house, compared to your normal postage system, is more cost-effective.

Of course, high quality targeted data is key to any good mailing and an experienced mailing house can help you select the right data supplier. They should also be able to ensure your existing data is clean, compliant and ready to mail by utilising a range of services from the MPS to Royal Mail PAF verification.

The mailing house will guide you through the process of what the best approach is for your product. Most companies can advise on the right printing method for your mailing piece whether it’s personalised digital, litho or lasering, and then how to enclose the piece; clear film, envelope, wrap or just a straightforward personalised postcard. It can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be.

In Summary

So, quality data coupled with print management expertise and a good partner network, ensures a mailing piece that will reach your target market and get your message across.

After all – all you want is that mailing piece to hit the right desk, at the right time, to be opened by the right person who has the right interest in your project – and for them to pick up the phone and call you about your product. Doesn’t seem a lot to ask, does it?

Guest Blog from: Linda Schad, Sales Manager, Action Mailing Services Ltd,
Action Mailing Services have been providing quality Direct Mail for over 35 years.