Content is King – Even in B2B Email Marketing

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It is estimated that 100 billion business emails are being sent every day, and the number of business e-mail accounts are expected to rise closer to 4.9 billion by the end of this year. Therefore, there are no surprises, that the quality of B2B email communications is key to organisations marketing success.

Over the years, we found email is the go-to form of customer and prospect communication for many businesses, allowing clear, concise and detailed conversations. The extended life-span of emails in comparison, to say, social posts means there is more time for businesses to leverage on making a sale or closing a deal.

Compelling content can drive results. In this blog we look at what constitutes quality content:

1. White papers

Quality content is key. Clients want content that is of high value. Whether it’s research-led insights, detailed how-to guides or proven ways to overcome business challenges – white papers are a fantastic way to share credible content that provides value.

Of course, this type of content takes a little longer to produce and may involve a lengthier research process, but the chances are you will receive a much more positive response from it. After putting the legwork in to creating your white paper, increase readership by emailing a free download link to your contacts

2. Announcements

Email is a cost-effective and non-disruptive way of making targeted announcements to your database of contacts. Has your business recently won an award? Updated your site? Or released a new product?

These are all perfect opportunities to get in touch with your clients. Announcement emails work well to bring your business back to the attention of current, previous and future clients.

3. Campaign

Email is an ideal tool to support any of your campaign-based marketing activities. You have the opportunity to carefully plan and time the delivery of content directly to your audiences’ inbox.

This content can help you drive action, traffic and any other key objectives for your campaign in place. Campaign emails can help you get new clients on-board by offering something for free, such as a toolkit, to strengthen the relationship with your audience.

4. Events

Planning an open day or exhibition?

Email is an ideal tool to inform your client list about an upcoming event and invite them to join. Share information and sound bites with your audience about what the event will involve and don’t forget to include a catchy subject line to ensure they read it.

5. Webinar

Which business doesn’t want to position themselves as a thought-leader in their industry?

Webinars are a great way to showcase your thought-leadership and enter into dialogue with clients. To grow the number of virtual webinar attendees, e-mail a simple registration form to your client base.

6. Case studies

If you want to show your clients exactly how they can benefit from your products or services, a case study is a valuable tool. Especially if its relevant to them and showcases credible results.

Once you’ve created an in-depth study into the benefits your product or service had for a previous client, email it out to your client list.

To ensure your emails are relevant to recipients, target these case studies by industry or job role.

9. Free Trials / Demonstrations

Who doesn’t want something for free?

Targeting prospective clients by email with a free product trial or demonstration, giving first-hand insight into what your business can offer. For those recipients who do not sign up, use an automated email to follow-up with a limited-time offer.


Content is king when it comes to B2B email marketing success. Having a clear strategy with compelling content and matching this to your B2B marketing channels will ensure a greater ROI.

At Data HQ we have a team of experts who can help with all you B2B data marketing requirements. Get in contact now and arrange your free consultation.

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