​Common Misconceptions About Marketing Data

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The data list sector frequently comes under fire from one source or another. However, the industry is carefully monitored and regulated, so legitimate businesses within the sector are incredibly vigilant, ensuring adherence to all applicable regulations. In addition, the impending GDPR will revolutionise the industry further ensuring all data controllers and processors adhere to strict regulation.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about purchasing prospect data including:

1. Data suppliers are equal

If only this were true! Unfortunately, there are some data providers and brokers out there who give the industry a bad name.

They will sell data which is long out of date, may not check against industry suppression files, often source from less reliable sources and generally just don't adhere to the regulations most of the industry does. This is why they are often cheaper, as they do not incur the same costs.

2. Unethically sourced

If you ensure you are buying from reputable data suppliers, they will source and supply data only from ethical channels.

Check out our previous blog which includes things to look for in a data supplier

3. You can’t use it for marketing!

Well it wouldn't be much use to anyone if you couldn’t!

There are a select few channel providers and email distributors, who do not allow prospect or cold data to be used in their systems. However, they are very much in the minority although can be the most widely known.

Just double check that your distributor allows prospect data use. And, if not, there are always other options if you are planning an acquisition campaign.

4. It’s too expensive - you can get free data

As with any product or service, you get what you pay for. Data is no different.

As mentioned above, some suppliers skip vital steps needed to ensure their data is legitimate, which is why they are often cheaper.

Can you imagine how little (if any) time or money is invested in data you might find free online or elsewhere?

Not only that, to identify and evaluate an appropriate list of free data would be virtually impossible – how would you ensure it was targeted for your specific target audience?

5. Businesses don’t really need it

If your business has more than enough incoming enquiries or just has no need to look for new business, then you are in a truly great positon!

However if you, like us and most other organisations, are always looking to grow and build your business, then prospecting and acquisition campaigns will remain a must. So, who would you target (without identifying and sourcing prospect information in some way)?

6. It doesn’t work

There are many factors that will count towards the success or failure of a campaign e.g. method, message, offer, creative, targeting and indeed the data.

Of course the right data alone doesn't make for a successful campaign. But it certainly helps!

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