B2B Email Marketing Content Engagement Report 2017

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Looking for instant impact with your email creative? Make sure you focus on content engagement. Our new report explains why….

Measuring customer engagement within any marketing campaign is key in determining the overall success of that campaign. With regards to B2B email broadcasting, we measure success through two specific metrics, open rate & click through rate.

There are many factors that can affect the value of these two metrics, and it is often open rates that can be the focus of many research reports, or governs the overall advice supplied to clients on how to achieve success with their email campaigns.

We decided to focus on what factors affect click through rates, broken down into key areas made up of sets of criteria, which were then applied to historical broadcasts we had made for our clients. Once all data had been gathered and processed, we then collated a report to showcase the results and in turn identify key factors that could potentially increase click through rates.

Key highlights include:

  • When it comes to images we identified that correct placement of a showcase image (a single image that fills the entire width of the email to grab the users’ attention and showcase a product or branding) could result in a proportional increase of 330% in click throughs.
  • Regarding the text content, we identified that sizing of paragraphs can have a big impact, with the optimum size returning a proportional increase of over 246% in click throughs compared to other sizes.
  • The number of colours that marketers use in their email designs can impact success, selecting the right number of colours can produce a proportional increase in click throughs of 178%.
  • We identified page structure plays a large part in achieving campaign success, specifically selecting the correct length of the page could yield a 151% proportional increase in click throughs, as compared to other page lengths.
  • Finally, links content can affect campaign success with the correct number/quantity of HTML links resulting in a potential 197% proportional increase in click throughs.

Anyone interested in increasing their customer engagement and click throughs from B2B email marketing campaigns, will glean useful information from reading the full report.

  • Do you have a email marketing content strategy?
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