7 Reasons to Choose FastStats® – Data Exploration, Analysis and Mining Software

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A common problem marketers face is getting effective insights from their multiple data sources.

There are software solutions designed to streamline marketing data and will support you in understanding your customers and prospects better. This, in turn, will help deliver profitable campaigns, increasing ROI and aid outperforming your competition.

Data HQ are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of FastStats® – the data exploration, data analysis and data mining software solution. We have a proven track record of working with high street brands to build their databases and implement this innovative software. Our team of data experts then help to get the best analytics to deliver the most effective campaigns.

To help understand the benefits here is a short overview supported by an infographic:

  • Fully Integrated Marketing Suite: The close interaction between analysis ("thinking") and campaign management ("doing") plays a crucial role when it comes to data-driven marketing. With FastStats® you receive a fully integrated marketing suite.
  • Marketing software for the marketing user: FastStats® was developed for marketing users. Continuous usability studies ensure that the software remains intuitive and continues to meet current needs.
  • Without impact on the existing IT landscape: Your existing databases will only be "mirrored" in FastStats®, streamlining the deployment process
  • Fast, powerful analysis: FastStats® combines lightning-fast database technology with an intuitive user interface that can be used for immediate and efficient campaign management and automation.
  • Always one click away from your customer data: Create audiences directly from beautiful visualisations with intuitive drag and drop functionality.
  • Access to new functionality: With a new release each quarter, cutting edge technology and new functionality come as standard.
  • Integration with 7 key channels: FastStats® has integrations across email, SMS, social, direct mail, contact centre, CRM and mobile push meaning that all of the key communication channels are available to interact with your customer.


Its not always easy to select the best tool to support your marketing needs. When evaluating what options are available we would be happy to talk through the benefits of FastStats® and provide a free demonstration.

Contact one of our data experts today. Call 01245 807470 or complete this form.

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