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Email Marketing: Q&A with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Email marketing
Q and A

By David Battson 3 min read

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If you are looking to conduct email marketing with a purchased mailing list to grow your brand awareness, drive enquiries or make sales; the below offers valuable insight into how an existing client, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, does this successfully.

We spoke to Arad Parsi, the Head of Business Development and Partnerships at the Trust to get his take on how and why email marketing is a successful Lead Generation strategy for them.

What are your key indicators to gauge the success of an email campaign?

“Often when a marketing email or creative is sent to a large database of clients, we experience a peak in the number of queries. This is the first indication that recipients engaged with our content. We then look at how many opened the email and clicked through to our site and try to engage them further in follow ups to covert leads to business.”

How do you identify your prospect audience?

“Our work is around the provision of personal safety training to lone and frontline workers, protecting them from incidents of aggressive and violent behaviours perpetrated by clients, members of the public or even colleagues.

Since lone-working means working without the direct supervision of your employer, almost every organisation will have employees that fall into this category, from call centre staff, to sales and marketing people travelling to and from client meetings, to housing officers, insurance officers, people entertaining clients, engineers working in fields.”

Where does third party data and/or purchased mailing lists fall into your overall strategy?

“We promote the work of the Trust through our own conferences, as well as external ones, networking events, blogs and publications in relevant digital media and social media messaging. Additionally, we target new clients at least twice a year, buying mailing lists and reaching out to relevant stakeholders.”

What frequency do you email prospect data on and why?

“Not as aggressively as others. We normally have no more than 6 creatives per year and often only send out a creative twice.”

What is imperative when planning your email broadcasting strategy?

“To demonstrate our credibility, showcase our impact and make the communications as brief and to the point as possible.”

When do you review your campaign strategies?

“On an ongoing basis, to ensure we respond adequately to changing market dynamics, but also quarterly with the senior leadership team, to scrutinise the approach and determine why things may not be working well or if they are and there is room for improvement.”

What are your top three influences to a successful email campaign?

“Our campaigns are often research informed and led by market demand, so this is key. Moreover, time of day/week, ensuring communications go out early in the week and in the mornings. Finally, we align our campaigns with fiscals, targeting end of fiscal underspend, or new budgets at the start of fiscals.“

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust works to reduce the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and support. As well as the conferences and events they run they also offer personal safety training.

Their successful email marketing is due to their highly targeted and personalised campaigns. Ensuring their target audience is matched to the right email list is critical to maximise the response and lead generation. For further reading on how to purchase email lists, read our buyers guide.

To discuss your email mailing list requirements or how to get the best from your email marketing then please contact one of our friendly team.

And finally, our thanks go to Arad for giving us insight into the approach they take.

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