Data Processing & Cleansing

Ensuring your customer and prospect data is clean and accurate for successful marketing

Clean, accurate data equals improved marketing ROI

Data processing and cleansing allows you to keep up with the ever increasing decay of your existing customer and prospect data.

Based on the results of a free Data Quality Audit we can enhance and cleanse your database to enable you to increase your response rates and reduce cost.

  • Reduce postage, broadcasting and other costs
  • Ensure you are not marketing to incorrect records
  • Identify gaps in your data and add or update contact details
  • Improve campaign targeting using filters to refine segments
  • Protect your brand by avoiding duplicates and inaccurate data
  • Consistent, clean data enhances insight & analysis capability

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​The Inevitable Decay of Data

Your data is one of your most valuable marketing tools and keeping it up-to-date is vital to the success of your campaigns.

Data moves fast. Each and every year in the UK the data landscape goes through dramatic changes - leading to up to 40% data decay.

Keeping track of the inevitable decay of data internally can often be a timely and expensive process, so working with a data partner who understands how to cleanse your data is an ideal way to manage your data quality.

Our Approach

There are various stages to our data cleanse and processing service.

Stage 1 - Identify, remove or consolidate duplicate records

Using our systems we can offer a complete and accurate service of deduplication which ensures you do not have the same contact multiple times, either within a single file or across multiple files.

Stage 2 - Suppress data that is no longer valid

We will suppress, flag or update records where the information you hold is no longer accurate. For example when Individuals move house / Businesses move offices, phone numbers change or people pass away.

Stage 3 - Enhance data with additional information

With the extensive data universe we hold at Data HQ we can cross reference your data with this universe to enhance and append additional information.

The more information you hold about your customers and prospects the better; by enhancing contact information you open up new communication channels and the enhanced data helps you to better understand your customer base.

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Key Features

  • Free Data Quality Audit - personalised report indicating how your data can be improved
  • Identify, remove or consolidate duplicate records
  • Suppress data that is no longer valid
  • Enhance data with additional information - extra contact methods, areas of interest, demographics and financial indicators
  • Update data to have the most current information
  • Data cleansing is applicable to prospect and customer data - B2B and B2C

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